Saturday January 27, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

Tonight is the annual winter Dance on the Delaware River at Callicoon's Community Centre.
Today's Folk Plus theme: Dancing

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Theme:    Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  Origami - Flying Fish

Christine Lavin - The Polka Dancing Bus Driver and the 40 Year Old Mystery
Shining My Flashlight on the Moon -
He asked them to dance, and they always said no.

David Wilcox - Last Dance Waltz
Home Again -
"IT's not just this dance I'm asking you for"

Small Potatoes _ Waltz of the Wallflowers
Waltz of the Wallflowers -
4 minutes and 23 seconds to ask a girl to dance.

Brooks Williams - Dancer's Delight
Back to Mercy -
"we were dancing between the cars"

Deborah Holland - (Rogers/Hart) Ten Cents a Dance
The Panic Is On: Songs From the Great Depression -
"come on big boy, 10 cents a dance"

Lisa Bigwood - Waltz with me Joe
Like No One Else - Download of the song at:
"you must have known that I'd dance with you"

Hot Soup - Time Waltzes On
Hot Soup! -
Waltzing with your son.

Connie Kaldor - Margaret's Waltz
Wood River -
" alonging to my soul to be at a dance"

Priscilla Herdman - Waltzing with Bears
Star Dreamer -
Uncle Walter goes waltzing with bears.

Susan Werner - Uncle John
Midwesters Saturday Night -
"you can call anytime at all to dance with me"

Connie Cohen - Dancing Away
(Oasis Disc 1) Heading Out -
"two steps forward and three steps back"

James Keelaghan - County Faire
Small Rebelions -
"we danced all night 'neath the cottonwood trees and that is why the grass is gone"

Buddy Mondlock - Magnolia Street
Poetic Justice -
"we should be nicer to our feet and take em dancing down Magnolia Street"

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Slow Country Dance
State of the Heart -

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Waltz
Home Town Girl -
"no lady refuses to dance with a knight like you"

La Volee D'Castors - Banj and Feet
Por Monts et par Vaux -
Banjo and feet, just like it says by this Canadian group the Flying Beavers.

Spice Girls - If You Can't Dance
Spice Girls -
Okay not your normal Folk Plus entry...but good dancing music

Colleen Peterson -Don't It Make You Wanna Dance

Colleen Peterson --Brand New Tennessee Waltz
"there's no telling who will be there"

AH!! the Trout Fishing in America's "I Can Dance" is missing from the Case!!

Mark Weigle - One Less Dancer
The Truth Is -
"when you take your partner in your arms hold him tight"

Mark Weigle - Two Cowboy Waltz
The Truth Is -
"Four Cowboy boots gliding on air"

Rachel Bissex - Dancing With My Mother
Hope:Mothers Helping Mothers - downloads at
"my brothers are embarrassed but we don't care"

Garnet Rogers - Cricket Dance
Sparrow's Wing -

Sons of the Never Wrong - Maybe Just Maybe
Consequence of Speech -
" maybe just maybe you should dance with me"

Bruce Cockburn - And We Dance
Inner City Front -

Teresa Doyle - Dance to Your Daddy
Dance To Your Daddy -

Savage Garden - Carry On Dancing
Savage Garden -

Artisan -  Paper Angels
Paper Angels -

Leahy - Invitation to Dance
Leahy -

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