"This is not my song" playlist for Folk Plus Saturday February 3, 2001

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Theme:    Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  Origami - Flying Fish

I saw James Keelaghan this weekend who was introduced by Richard Shindell who said James is one of his favorite writers. I caught James on minidisk saying that David Francey was the best Canadian writer he'd heard in 20 years. In fact, he opened his show at the Towne Crier with the following Francey tune. This show is writers covering writers:

1.  David Francey - Red Winged Blackbird
Torn Screen Door - laker@abacom.com    -   www.davidfracey.com
Check out the WJFF April Benefit featuring Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone with Francey     at     - http://www.wjffradio.org

2. Dar Williams/Lucy Kaplansky/Richard Shindell-  (James Keelaghan) Cold Missouri Waters
Cry Cry Cry - www.crycrycry.com/  -   www.keelaghan.com

3.  Joan Baez - Reunion Hill (Richard Shindell)
Gone From Danger - baez.woz.org/

4. Laurie McClain - When I was a Boy (Dar Williams)
Live at the Purple Moon Coffeehouse -www.billyates.com/heartfelt/list00.shtml
coming soon -  .www.lauriemcclain.com. ...

5.  Lucy Kaplansky - Goodnight (Cliff Eberhardt)
The Tide - www.lucykaplansky.com/

6. Cliff Eberhardt & Julie Gold  - Artificial Means (Christine Lavin)
Big League Babe Vol 1  - www.chrisitnelavin.com -

7. Burns Sisters - Something Real (Steve Seskin-Allen Shamblin)
Out of the Blue - www.burnssisters.com
Playing Sunday at the Turning Point, Piermont NY

8.  Maria Gillard - Talk a Little Texan (Heidi Muller)
Little Rose - www.mariagillard.com  -  maria@mariagillard.com
Playing Sunday at the Dead End Cafe  http://www.deadendcafe.com/

9. Smith Sisters - Fire of Change (Buddy Mondlock)
Canary's Song - www.rounder.com/rounder/catalog/byartist/s/smith_sisters/
First I'll play people playing in the area:

10.  Buddy Mondlock  - Santa Monica Pier (Christine Lavin)
Big League Babe Vol 2. -  www.christinelavin.com/  -

11.  David Roth - You Think You've Got Problems (Christine Lavin)
Big League Babe Vol 1. - www.christinelavin.com

12.  Sandy Cash - Nine Gold Medals (David Rothe)
Exact Change - www.sandycash.com   -   sandycash@bigfoot.com

13. Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin - Our Town (Iris DeMent)
Our Town - www.rounder.com/rounder/catalog/byartist/s/stecher_jody_kate_brislin/

14. Garnet Rogers - The Enfolding (Lui Collins)
Speaking Softly in the Dark - www.garnetrogers.com

15.  Lui Collins - Loose the Ties (Dana Robinson)
Leaving Fort Know - www.luicollins.com
The only other cover on this recording is the following tune.

16.  Magpie - Swimming to the Other Side (Pat Humphries)
Seed From the Prairie - www.magpiemusic.com

17.  Pat Humphries - Hands (Phil Ochs)
Hands - members.aol.com/Gynergy/Pat_Humphries.html

18.  Hills/Herdman/Mangsen - Requiem for the Giant Trees (Eileen McGann)
Voices - www.joyfulnoisecoffeehouse.org/Hills_Herdman_Mangson.htm

19.  Eileen McGann - Another Train (Pete Morton)
Journeys - www.canuck.com/~jscown/mcgann

20. David Wilcox - Blow Em Away (Chuck Brodsky)
East Ashville Hardware - www.davidwilcox.com/

21. Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer - Orange Cocoa Cake (Berrymans)
A Parent's Home Companion - www.cathymarcy.com/

22. Claudia Schmidt - Spoon River (Michael Smith)
Claudia Schmidt - music.excite.ca/album/141435

23. Susan Werner - Standing in My Own Way (Dana Cooper)
Time Between Trains - www.susanwerner.com/

24.  Cosy Sheridan - One I Love (June Tabor)
One Sure Thing - www.cosysheridan.com

25.  Scott Petito & Leslie Ritter - Broken Wings (Dougie McClain)
In The Silence - www.hudsonvalleyrecords.com/scotles/

26.  Kallett, Epstein, Cicone - When The Ship COme In (Bob Dylan)
Only Human -  www.wjffradio.org
See them at the 9th annual spring folk benefit.

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