February 10, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

CDs that are new to Folk Plus airing

Folk Plus airs Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on WJFF 90.5 Jeffersonville, NY. and 94.5 in Monticello. We are Hydro-powered Public Radio serving the Mid-Hudson Region, North East Pennsylvania, and the upper Delaware Valley.

Format:   Artist - Track Title  -  Album - Contacts
Theme:    Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons - Origami - Flying Fish

Peggy Seeger  with Irene Scott - A Good War
Almost Commercially Viable - www.slicedbread.com

Ray Scudero - Through the Night
Single - argaman1@actcom.co.il

Dolly Parton (w/ Mairead NiMhaomaighi) - In the Sweet By and By
Little Sparrow - www.sugarhill.com

Adrianne - Adeline
For Adeline - www.adrimusic.com  - shobiz@adrimusic.com
P O Box 230524 Boston, Ma.

Henning Kvitnes - Hit the Wall
Heartland - www.samsorecords.com

Terry Tufts - In the Arms of Margaret Ann
Walk On - www.borealisrecords.com

Ratsy - Flowery Swimsuit
Flowery Swimsuit - www.ratsy.com

Hank Cramer (Ian Tyson) - Four Rode By
Days Gone By - hankc@hotmail.com

Joel Mabus - Virus on the Town
Six of One - Fossil Records, POBox 306 Portage, MI 49061
www.joelmabus.com  -  fossil@pobox.com

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - I Will Never Clean Up My Room
All Wound Up, A Family Music Party - www.rounder.com

Cindy Kallet - Leave the Cake in the Mailbox
No/Don't Wake Up - Stone Throw's Music

The Trio of Cindy, Ellen and Micheal will be performing WJFF's 2001 Spring Benefit

Jeannie Burns (w/Jim Henry)  - Ella
Coming Up Close - www.jeanieburns.com

Bob Martin - My Father Painted Houses
Next to Nothin' - www.riversong.com - bmartin@riversong.com
PO Box 2130 Salem, NH 03079

Ian Tamblyn - A Perfect Day (Celebrating Humpback)
The Body Needs to Travel - tamblyn.com

Chris MacLean - This Hope
Learn To Be Loved - papilia@magma.co  - www.magma.ca/~papilia

Robin Bullock - The Lightening Field
The Return to Paris - www.azaleacityrecordings.com

Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie  - Union Maid
Soundreack From: Woody Guthrie/Hard Travelin' - www.risingson.com
413-445-6403  55 North St. Pittsfield, MA 01201

Marcel Beneteau - Le Voleur
A La Table De Mes Amis (Vieles Chansons de Detroit vol 3)
247 Esdras Pl  Windsor, Ontario N8S 2M4
I wonder if Hugo heard this and it planted a seed for Les Miserables?

Tom Chapin - Story of A Life (Harry Chapin)
Common Ground - gadfly1@aol.com  - www.gadflyrecords.com

Katya Chorover - Long Way
Off the Map - www.katyachorover.com

Chris Williams - Tread Light
Silence in Between - www.christopherw.com

New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty are meeting Wed. February 14, at 7pm in Pughkeepsie at the Office of Family Partnership 29 N. Hamilton St. 845 360 3663

Marv Hamilton - Joe Hill's Will
Wing and a Prayer - Best Dog marv@marvmusic.com

Kate McDonnell - Gone
Don't Get Me Started - katemcd@aol.com - www.waterbug.com

Leonardo - Friday Night In America
Urban Suite - www.LeonardoMusic.com

Denise Franke - Hard Comin' Home
Comfort - www.denicefranke.com
Certain Records POBox 540682 Houstin TX 77254

MoonIre (IrisDeMent)Sweet is the Melody
Present Past and Future - www.azaleacityrecordings.com

The Beautiful South - Tupperware Queen
Painting it Red - www.ARK21.com

Puppets of Castro - Extraordinary Things
Puppets of Castro - www.trough.com

Ken Batts - Across the Water
Demo, August 2000 - kenbatts@folkweb.com

Marilyn Manfra - One Last Look
Ruben's Girl - www.maldiva.com - maldiva@aol.com

Martin Carthy/Dave Sawrbrick - Both Ears and the Tail
Dill Pickles Rag - gadfly1@aol.com

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