Parodies and Re-used Tunes - Folk Plus Playlist

I am trying something new today, interactive Folk Radio. Today's show was all parodies or re-used tunes. I asked listeners to identify the originals and email me with the names and authors of as many of the original tunes from which the following tunes are derived.  The listener who gets the most correct answers will win a CD.

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Format:   Artist - "Track Title" Album - Contacts
Theme:    Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  Origami - Flying Fish

1. Julie Gold's - From a Distance
Performed by Nanci Griffith, Raul Maul and Donna Summer

2. Sue Trainer - In a Closeup
In a Closeup - SueTrainor@AOL.COM

3. Kristen Lems - Little Dot Coms
Mp3 - -

4. Mike Agranoff - The Folkie
...or would you rather get a job? -

5. John Forster - Fusion
Entering Marion - -

6. Rebel Voices - Hospital Workers
Warning: Women at Work -

7. Harmonious Wail - Benny's  From Heaven
Live at the Selt Musik Festival -

8. Rebel Voices - One
Piece of the Wall -

9. Anne Feeney - CEOs
Have You Been To Jail For Justice? -

10. Captial Steps - Fools on the Hill
Fools on the Hill -

11. Chenille Sisters - Blowin' In the Wind
Laugh Tracks Vol 1 - -

12. Sue Trainer - Roseville Fair Pt 2
In a Closeup - SueTrainor@AOL.COM

13.  Sue Trainer - Bay-o, EBay-o
Single Disk -

14. Faith Petric - Idaho Spud
When Did We Have Sauerkraut? -

15. The Whiteville Choir - Marching in the Streets
Union Power -

Promotion of 9th annual spring Folk Benefit Concert, Harmonie Hall in Callicoon. Just 5 weeks away on Sunday April 1st at 4pm. David Francey and Cindy Kallet and Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone.

16. David Francey - Borderline
17. Kallet, Cicone, Epstein - Bodies
18. David Francey - Torn Screen Door

19. J. Keelaghan & O. Lopez - Follow Me Up There, Carlos
Compadres - -

20. George Mann and Julius Margolin
Somebody Robbed the Pension Plan
Miles To Go Before We Sleep -

21. Hillary Spencer - Everything Glows
Other Roads Other Lives -

22. Hot Soup- Don't Know What Was the Last Thing on My Mind
Soup Happens -  -

23. Sue Trainer - Golfing With Hares
In a Closeup - SueTrainor@AOL.COM

24. Kevin Woodward - Henry the Accountant
Free - -

24. Jolie Christine Rickman - What Shall We Do With
Sing It Down -

25. Cosy Sheridan Waldo the Dog
One Sure Thing - Waterbug Records -

26. Margaret MacArthur - Aunt Shaw's Pet Jug
MacArthur Road -

27. Glenn MacPherson - Mr. Fix-It Man
Mr. Fix-It Man -

28. David Wilcox - Jamie's Secret
How Did You Find Me Here -

29. Sue Trainer - Sludge Train
In a Closeup - SueTrainor@AOL.COM

30. Capital Steps - Superfranticunproductivenothinglegilslation
Fools on the Hill -

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