Saturday March 3, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

Happy Birthday John
Winners from last week's parody contest: Bonnie Lederman of Bethel  and Ruth Huggler of Youngsville NY.
Honorable mention to Pamela Jones.

This week's show are selections from the latest issue of Sing Out! Magazine.  If I didn't own the release, I didn't air it. Not everything is represented, its only a two hour show, and sing out is full of music!

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Format:   Artist - Track Title- Album - Contacts   (Sing Out Quote)
Theme:    Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  -  Origami - Flying Fish

1. Chuck Brodsky - Bonehead Merckle
Last of the Old Time - Red House 1 800 695 4687 /
(he always steps to the plate armed with some great tales to tell)

2.  Artisan - I Ain't Going Down
Dancing With Words - Boing 007  -
(Brian Bedford has het to receive the accolades he is due as a masterful songwriter. He is both prolific and gifted in many a musical genre)

3.  Jez Lowe - Old Bones
Live at the Davy Lamp - 1 hr. 38 minutes!
(two decades worth of material from one of England's finest folk-oriented singer songwriters)

4.  Herdman, Hills and Mangsen - At the Turning of the Year
Turning of the Year - Hand and Heart -
(well chosen material, solid singing)

5.  Sons of the Never Wrong - No 1-4 Me
One If By Hand - Gadfly -
( a lead sound in the contemporary folk scene)

6.   Mike Agranoff - Give Me Just  A Little More Time
...or would you rather get a job? -
(old songs, good humor, new songs that sound old, and fun...)

7.  Leon Rosselson - Mercenaries
Harry's Gone Fishing -
(connecting the dots between money-making and war-making)

8.  Tamarack - (Ian Tamblyn) Campfire Light
Spirit and Stone - -
(good writing and able musicians having fun)

9.    Wishing Chair - The Ghost of Will Harbut
The Ghost of Will Harbut   -
(The title cut alone is wotht the purchase of this CD)

10.  Cindy Kallet - Huckleberries
This Way Home - -
(Kallet, quite simply, casts a spell with her unpretentiousness)

11. Cindy Kallet - Longed So Far
This Way Home - -
(Longed So Far is a masterpiece of sparse poetry)

9th annual spring Folk Benefit Concert, Harmonie Hall in Callicoon. Just 4 weeks away on Sunday April 1st at 4pm. David Francey and Cindy Kallet and Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone.

12. Sonja - Bumblebee
Me, Too - -
( a sparkle to the lyrics and the vocalization)

13.  Pat Humphries - Bound For Freedom
Hand - Appleseed -
(the protest song is far from dead, it exalts in the voice, guitar and spirit of Pat Humphries)

14.  David Rovics - Song for Big Mountain
Live At Club Passim - (His website has links to activist interests)
(Rovics has his fist tight on the pulse of intervention through music)

15.  Cosy Sheridan -  Dorothy and Eve
Anthymn - Wind River
(Cosy always calls it like it is, women's weight, slipping siibling ties, aging or the gragility of the hear. Anthymn is a showcase of Cosy's fabulous unpretentious talents)

16.  Laurie McClain - Welfare Game
Live at the Purple Moon Coffeehouse
coming soon -
(her excellent writing delivers adult worlds with a young voice and makes for an intriguing contrast)

17.  Jude Vadala - Come Home
Angel Songs -
(she sings easily in all ranges, comlimenting her own beautiful voice in an ethereal blend.)

18.  . Mike Breen - Past Lives
  Past Lives - Basilbone -
Breen has a (talent for painting flashbacks)

19.  Sandy Cash - Root Canal of the Heart (Camille West) -
(her combined interests and talents have led her to merge into a unique slot in the folk music world of Israel)

20.  Barbara Kessler - Baby
Barbara Kessler - -
(her adult subjects...propel her far beyond any mere teen idol)

21.  Burns Sisters - God Made Women
Out of the Blue - philo -
(Mary Capin Carpenter in 3-D)

22.  Solas - Bheadh Buachaillin Deas ag Sile
The Hour Before Dawn - Shanachie -
(Seamus Eagen's genius has been tapped for movie soundtracks and stage productions in London and most recently Radio City Music Hall. Both audio and visual journeys are beautiful) The album has multimedia dropdown menue to view the band while you listen.

23.  Juggernaut Jug Band -  Who Walks in When I Walk out (Haffman, Goodhard, Freed)
Don't Try This at Home - -
(truly entertaining)

24.  Juggernaut Jug Band -  COney Island Washboard
Don't Try This at Home - -
(truly entertaining)

25.  Barefoot Boys - Soldiers Joy/Ragtime Annie
With Boots On -
(classic traditional tunes played expertly that may serve as an inspiration to many future players...highly accessible)

26. David Francey - Wind in the Wires
Torn Screen Door -

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