Saturday  March 17, Folk Plus Playlist

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Women and Humor. Yes I know it's St. Patrick's Day, but I want to balance last week's setlist offering ont he very serious topic of women and violence. This week we are going to laugh with women who are good at it.

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Format:   Artist - Track Title - Album - Contacts
Theme:    Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  -  Origami - Flying Fish

 Christine Lavin - "One of things I do as I travel with my own concerts is that I bring tapes from a radio show
 by a woman named Angela Page who is on a little station called WJFF up in the Catskills. She has turned me on to so many songwriters that I just don't come across in my travels so I'm really grateful to her..."
Christine Lavin Guest Hosts City Folk WFUV

Well I am grateful to Christine for sending my her 4 disc compilation of her guest dj experience at WFUV, Fordham University. Besides the following cut from that set, Christine has made many collections of folk music from her Vineyard Tapes to Bottom Line Concerts. She had done more than any one performer in promoting the folk scene earning Sing Out Magazine's dub of her as "folk scene's greatest advocate."

. Robin Hopper - Second Grade Proverbs  -
Christine Lavin Guest Hosts City Folk WFUV
First half of proverbs.....completed by seven year olds

 Cosy Sheridan - Ladies' Room
Anthymn -

Station ID of Cosy saying "hydro-powered public radio" and flushing the toilet at the Night Eagle Cafe

  Hot Soup  - Folderol
Soup happens -
Also about the ladies room

  Dierdre Flint - Bridesmaid Dress Song
The Shuffleboard Queens -

  Kate Schein - Non Bridaled Passion
Creme de la Femme-   A print compilation including works by funny female folksingers:
Wheeler, Lavin, McDonough, etc.

." Contributors invited to flex their comic muscles include American politicos and writers Gloria Steinem and
                     Anna Quindlen, comedian Joan Rivers, and cartoonists Roz Chast and Lynda Barry. Certain
                     selections cause fluttering eyelids, but others win laughs or true guffaws. Some veer between
                     categories, such as Paula Poundstone's strictures for producing the Oscars: "... everyone will
                     wear usher uniforms and we'll put the money saved in gowns into low-income housing." No big
                     hair to compensate for the gowns, she adds sternly, and no squinting at teleprompters to read off
                     immortal lines like, "It's nice to be here." Breakups, predictable sex-role foibles, pregnancy,
                     PMS, and politics are well worked over. " - from

  Kristin Lems - The Fifties Sound
Oh Mama - Plus! -
They are dancing to what oppressed us 20 years ago

  Cheryl Wheeler - Makes Good Sense To Me
Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar -
adious NPR

  Cheryl Wheeler - Unworthy
Sylvia Hotel -

  OK OK it IS St. Patrick's Day:
  Nancy White - Gaelic Envy
Gaelic Envy -

  Carla Ulbrich - What if Your Girfriend Was Gone
Her Fabulous Debut -

  Carla Sciaky - Insomnia Blues
Awakening -
Member of the mother folkers "the most carefully pronounced name in folk music"

  Camille West - Angst On the Radio
Diva's Day Off -

  Patty Larkin - 3 Amasing Vocalists Intro
                        At the Mall
In the Square -

  Sally Fingerett - TV Talk
Laugh Tracks Vol 2. -

  Carol Channing - Housework
Marlo Thomas and Friends: Free to Be You and Me
still one of the best sources for challenging stereotypes

  Herdman, Hills, Mangsen - Squaler (P. and L. Berryman)
Voices -

  Whoopi Goldberg  -  Doris Knows Everything
Marlo Thomas and Friends Free to Be a Family

  Lisa McCormick - Cars, Cars, Relationships
Right Now -
Two things out to get you

  Christine Lavin and the Babes - Sensitive New Age Guys
Buy Me Bring Me Take Me Don't Mess My Hair

  Megon McDonogh - Microwave Life
Laugh Tracks Vol 1 -

  Nancy Tucker - Everything Reminds Me of My Therapist
Trasures From the Attic -

  Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer - The Therapy Fund
Parnets' Home Companion -

  Chenille Sisters - Help! I'm Turning into my Parents
True to Life -

  Jacqui Manning (Small Potatoes) - Dollar Episode
Waltz of the Wallflowers -

  Faith Petric - The Gasman Cometh (Flanders and Swann)
When DId We Have Sauerdraut -

  Jonatha Brooke - Dog Dreams
Big Times in a Small Town -

  Nancy White - The Children's Entertainer
Momnipotent -

  Nancy White - Stroller Ladies
Momnipotent -

Julie Gold - Fun to Be Perfect
Life According to 4 Bitchin Babes VII -

Promotion of 9th annual spring Folk Benefit Concert, Harmonie Hall in Callicoon. Just 5 weeks away on Sunday April 1st at 4pm. David Francey and Cindy Kallet and Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone.

Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein, Michael Cicone -Cold is the Night
Angels Daring -

Upcoming Live area shows:
Dave Van Ronk at the Rosendale Cafe tonight
Danny Quinn at Bodels
Small Potatoes and Hot Soup at Cafe Lena on March 31
Patty Larkin and David Massengill at Bodles March 31
Womens Music Festival on March 25th with Feron, Evelyn Harris (of Sweet Honey in The Rock)
 SONiA (of Disappear Fear) and  Relative Sight at the Watters Theater on the Binghamton University Campus
 Call 607.777.ARTS - The Watter's Theatre on the Binghampton College Campus
 See the night eagle cafe listing:

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