Saturday March 31, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

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Ever hear of a P2 Form? Me either, well that is not until last week when I found that not having one could keep a folk performer, say David Francey from not playing a US gig, say the 9th annual Spring Folk Benefit for WJFF.  So I hit the e mail, faxes and phones panicking.
Graciously Christine Lavin let us twist her arm to fill in for the Border Bound Francy.

What a fun time I'm going to have today because I will be playing Im playing my favorites songs of past 2000 and 2001 WJFF Folk Benefits.

You'll hear: Garnet Rogers, Cosy Sheridan, Night Sun, Ellis Paul, Susan Werner, Sons of the Never Wrong and this years show. Throughout I will be sparatically playing  this year's performers:l be Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein, Michael Cicone and Christine Lavin.

Going back to March of 2000.

Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
Origami - Flying Fish

Cosy Sheridan - Broken Place
Saturn Return - Waterbug

Cosy Sheridan - Anthymn
Anthymn - Wind River

Night Sun - One Moment of Grace
One Moment of Grace - Borealis

Night Sun - There it Is
Home - self

Garnet Rogers - All That Is
Sparrow's Wing - Snow Goose

Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny
Summer Lightning - Snow Goose

from spilling all your love and thoughts, to hiding your real ones:

Christine Lavin - Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind
Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind - Philo

Christine Lavin - Harrison Ford
Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch -

Cindy Kallet - Bodies
Dreaming Down A Quiet Line - Stone's Throw Music

Cindy Kallet - Longed So Far
This Way Home - Stone's Throw Music

Cindy Kallet - Wings to Fly
Wings To Fly - Folk-Legacy Records

Cindy Kallet - Roll to the River
Wings To Fly - Folk-Legacy Records

Ellis Paul - Take Me Down
Live - Philo

Ellis Paul - She Loves A Girl
Translucent Soul - Philo

Susan Werner - Sorry About Jesus
Time Between Trains - Bottom Line

Susan Werner - Still Believe
Last of the Good Straight Girls

Sons of the Never Wrong - Hallelujah for the Getaway
One if By Hand - Gadfly

Sons of the Never Wrong - With or With
Three Good Reasons - Waterbug

Songs of the Never Wrong - Tattoo
Three Good Reasons - Waterbug

Christine Lavin - Flip Side of Fame
One Wild Night -

Kallet, Epstein, Cicone - Ready for the Storm (D.McLean)
Angels in Daring - Overall Music

Susan Werner - So Heavy
Live At The Tin Angel -  self

Night Sun - This Lake
Home - self

Cosy Sheridan - Losing Game
One Sure Thing - Waterbug

Ellis Paul - Changing Your Name
Live - Philo

Garnet Rogers - Cricket Dance
Sparrow's Wing -

Cindy Kallet - Mouse's Dream
Dreaming Down a Quiet Line -

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