Saturday April 7, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

Today at SCCC there is a Science Symposium called Odyssey 2001.
In honor of that and the new single release by Christine I will air a celestial setlist today.
There is also a full moon this weekend, a conjunction of events!

Thanks so much to everyone attending the 9th annual Spring Benefit last Sunday afternoon. Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone were spectacular and people are still talking about thier performance. Special thanks to Christine Lavin for filling in last week at VERY short notice for David Francey. Its the least we can do but dedicate this Folk Plus to her celestial passion. Her new release If We Had No Moon is scheduled to be released on a national space soiciety folk-rock compilation album. See

Format:   Artist - Track Title - Album - Label/Contacts

Theme:    Jay Ansill - The Two HorizonsOrigami - Flying Fish

Christine Lavin - If We Had No Moon - Single -

         (Jim McKeegan with WJFF's weekly Cosmic Calendar)

Cindy Kallet - (trad/Margaret MacArthur) Them Stars  This Way Home - Stone's Throw Music

Annie Gallup - Max - Backbone - Prime CD

After the CBC Radio airs Basic Balck every saturday morning, Gordon wirtes a commentary tune and records it and sendd it to Arthur to air the following week.
James Gordon - Piece of the Moon - Songs From Basic Black - Pipe Street Records

Sons of the Never Wrong - Comet - One If By Hand - Gadfly

Elton John - Rocket Man - Single - MCI

Natalie Merchant - (David Bowie) Space Oddity - Single  -  Elektra

Jay Mankita - Living Planet - Jay Mankita - Self

Dar Williams - Calling the Moon - The Green World - Razor & Tie

Bruce Cockburn - Northern Lights - Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws - Columbia

Garnet Rogers - Boreolis - Night Drive - Snow Goose

Red Grammer - Starlight Star Bright - Hello World - Red Note Records

Herdman, Hells Mangsen - Stars - Voices - Flying Fish

Bill Bourne - Red Moon - Dear Madonna - Rynde Records

There are photos at   of the April 6 2000 Northern lights taken from Liberty, NY during a most unusual conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the moon.

Eric Bogle - One Small Star - By Request - Greentrax

Moxy Fruvous - You Will Go to the Moon - You Will Go to the Moon - Bottom Line Records

Vance Gilbert - Icarus by Night - Shaking off Gravity - Philo

Christine Lavin - Planet X  - Shining My Flashlight on The Moon -

Hugh Blumenfeld - Shoot the Moon - Rocket Science - Prime CD

Puppets of Castro - Planet  - Puppets of Castro - Trough Records

Susan Piper - New on the Planet - New on this Planet  - Sliced Bread Records

Anne Weiss - (Salvador Cardinal) - Mi Luna
(appearing with Dar Williams at SCCC April 20th to benefit Free Speech Radio and WJFF)

James Keelaghan - Orion - My Skies - Green Linnet

Lui Collins - (Greg Brown ) Rooty Toot Toot for the moon - Baptism of Fire - Green Linnet

Brooks Williams - Weary of the Moon - Skiffle-Bop - Signature Sounds

Berryman's - Science Marches On - Double Yodel - self

Denice Franke - Dance to the Moon - Comfort - self
(Appearing tomorrow at the Braman Arts Conservatory on Main St in Callicoon.)

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