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 April 21, 2001 on WJFF - Folk Plus

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Today is WJFF's annual Earth Day special where children from area come to read the essays they composed relating to the Earth.  Today’s show not only featured children from the listening area, but several adult interviews. Bill Cutler, Sullivan County’s Recycling Coordinator talked about the life of our landfill with students from Liberty Middle School.
Stuart Lieberman, of Lieberman and Blecher of Princeton NJ called in to update listeners on the MTBE lawsuit, the first situation nationally to sue for poisoning a municipal well. Mr. Lieberman, former Deputy Attorney General assigned to the N.J. State Dept of Environmental Protection. He has an impressive list of articles he penned on environmental issues
Also, Elizabeth McAllister spoke about the Bashakill Association, the largest freshwater wetland in Southeastern, New York,  and is right here an hour south of us on Route 17. For lesson plan ideas using the site see:

For hiking and calendar information at the Catskill Hiking Sack see:

Parents, teachers and children gathering in all rooms of the station to gather thoughts about health issues.

Music was chosen from the following list:

There were transmittor problems and we arrived a bit late on air after Earl drove out to the tower to replace a part. But here is the show in it's entirety:
Theme mucis:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

    Musical Selection:
    Nina Ryne / It's Our World, Let's Take Care of It
    It's Our World / Rhythm and Rhyne Records, PO Box 874 Pismo Beach CA, 93448
    "mighty mountains, tall strong trees"-

 &&&&&&&&&&&    Rutherford Elementary School  &&&&&&&&&

After airing Nina's tune, students from Rutherford Elementary read their poetry. According to their teachers Mrs. Barrish and Mrs. Cucci, who accompanied them to the station, students had seen a row of deer outside their school window and broke into spontaneous poetry production about spring and animals. Here is their poetry.

Tyrus Walker
"People playing basketball outside" "The fresh air blowing like an air conditioner on a hot day"

Scott Hughes
"Deer Parade. Marching through the deep white snow"

Katie Kocijanski
If I were the golden-yellow sun, I'd watch over the glorious world like a watchdog on guard"
"I am a young robin just coming back from Florida with my strong husband"

Musical selection:
David Mallet – Garden Song
Parrellel Lives – Rounder
Jonathan Bryant
"Delicate flowers as yellow as the sun"

Jose Martinez
"Kids skateboarding as fast as a Peregrine Falcon"

Manh Huynh
"I am going yo tell you about me as a spider"

Andrew Fedun
Spoke about rock musicians who earned money for the rainforests of the world.

Brandon Wisniski
"Every day in winter I see deer"

Emily Drobysh
"I am a blade of fresh born grass with white snow getting me all wet."

Musical selection:
Mike Vreeland - Happy in Their Habitat
Are We There Yet? – Dust Bunny Music
“They belong where they belong”
Lost Cow Report : Erica Heins
Call 439 4383 if you see five red and white lost cows last seen on Deitz Rd near Youngsville.

Carly Bulaga
"Im a bear waking up" "It feels good to smell the fresh spring air"

Raquel Fortunato -
"Birds chirping like popcorn" "I taste the air like flowers taste the water"

Gillian Scheinfeld
"Birds chirping, waking people up like loud alarm clocks"

Summer Johansen (Not from Rutherford school, an 8 year old)
Reasons to help the world: "When the world dies, we will die" and 8 things you can do.

Sally Rogers / Go Tell A Neighbor (The Recycle Song)" / Piggy Back (ibid)
      "Before you throw that garbage out, you can use it again"

(Back to Rutherford students)
Joseline Gonzalez
"I am a rose bush growing new branches in the early springtime."

Katie DelGatto
"Its spring hurray! When I awoke I heard the bumble bees..."
"Pippsy, Mipsy, Pumpkin pie, 17 deer, playing, sitting, standing by..."

Christian Guinta (read by Ms. Cucci)
"If I were a calendar, I'd be freezing from December to March"
"Over the hill, near K.L.R. School, 17 deer march"

Rubi Diaz ( Read by Emily)
"I have come in the beginning of the warm spring"

Austin Madnick
"If I were a black hole in the universe..."
"I am a Kodiak bear and I just woke up."

Beth Hoffman Pataloma (8 year old who taped her message earlier in the week)
Whenever I see garbage in the woods, I get mad and sad at the same time"

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Sullivan County Landfill  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Justin Garrett, Matt Baxter, Miranda Hardy, Kylee Jordan, Daniel Regan and Jon Snyder interviewed Bill Cutler - Sullivan County Recycling Coordinator. They asked if the landfill is safe, what should be recycled and what is landfill material. They asked what happens when people put recyclables into the landfill. They asked about using the landfill gases to produce energy, and the expected life of our landfill.

Musical Selection:
Lydia Adams Davis/ Time's running Out For Garbage / Cassette /

      Three Feathers Music PO Box 162 Cornwall, NY 12518

Sixth Graders in Liberty in Ms. Planica's class were given the task of conducting a town meeting, at which area residents would voice their opinion of what should happen when the Sullivan County Landfill is closed:

Jaque Austin, Michelle Fancher, Valerie Lagattuta and Monique Matthis spoke about that assignment. Choices included recycling, opening a new landfil, and taking our garbage to a company like Masada. The Masada group in in near by Middletown take garbage and produce ehtanol energy from garbage.

&&&&&&&&&&&    MTBE Liberty Lawsuit     &&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Cosy Sheridan - Don't Go In The Water
     Grand design -
     "Arsenic, acetone, methylene chloride..."

Mr. Stuart Lieberman, of Lieberman and Blecher of Princeton N.J. updated listeners on the MTBE lawsuit in Liberty. Mr. Lieberman, former Deputy Attorney General assigned to the N.J. State Dept of Environmental Protection, has penned an impressive list of articles on environmental issues. We spoke about the risks of MTBE to humans. He spoke about the EPA mandate to use MTBE. Ironically the very organization meant to protect us  made a poor health decision. Parties have begun the process of discovery and a judge has been chosen. Lieberman said that residents are seeking a new water supply, damages due to violation of the Navigation Act, product liability, common law negligence and property value damages. We spoke about what else was found in water samples, including benzene, a known carcenegenic.

Being a knowledgable about health issues, I asked about the EPA, arsenic rulings and his former govener's recommendation that there be further study, contradicting the recommendations by the outgoing Clinton Administration.
Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald – Toxic Dumpsite
Fields of Elysian – Toxic Dumpsite
“Buy lots of packaged food, French fires in a bag to go…”
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  Liberty Middle School  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
5th graders:
Jonathon Sprague
"When we go by lakes and ponds, we can't watch the ducks if they are dying"

 Angelee Santillo
"Air pollution is a big problem on our earth"

 Patricia Somers
"If we want less and need less there probably wouldn't be a lot of smoke coming out of these factories"

Nicole Ross
"We could sell the garbage back to home and garden centers."

&&&&&&&&&&&&&& MacKenzie Elementary &&&&&&&&&&&&&

The following students gave their answer to the question..."What fantastic thing would you do to help the earth?". Readers were: Lauren, Brian, David, Ben, Cheyenne, Adrienne, Rachel, Regina, Michelle, Kaitlyn and Andy.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  Liberty Middle School  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

 Heather Estrada
"We damage the earth and make the earth become our giant garbage can"

Susan Cole
"We all need to throw garbage IN the garbage can and not on the ground"

Brittany Gonzalez
"Everyone can help by planting more trees"

 Anam Chouhdry

"Instead of using bicylces people are using cars"
"More plants are dying and that means less oxygen for us"

 Chris Dutcher
I have concerns about oil spills

 Mary  Gonzalez
"We can help by cleaning up the ground"

 Amanda Lewis

"We can put a garbage can on every street corner

Willie Martinez
"We can get our vehicles checked and serviced regularly

Nicole Ross reading Deneen Myers work
"Take care of our earth"

Justin Katz
"I have a concern that our water is being polluted"
"Imagine all the world's water being clean"

. Ryan Cerullo
"I am concerned about oil spills in the ocean."
"I did a project once where you put a rope in olive oil and it all soaked up into the rope. Why can't you do that
in the oceans?"

 Greg Cohen
"Earth can be a great place if we take care of it. When we breath, we take in 78%  nitrogen,  16% oxygen,
4% carbon dioxide and  2% water vapor"

Michael Dunnigan
"Thousands of sea creatures are killed by one oil spill"

Michael  Fermaletti
"I think people should do less oil shipping. There should be no more animals in danger"

Ashley Meadow
"Some people don't put back what they have destroyed"

Liam Murdock
"We can invent a radar system to help clean up"
"I hope that one day the earth will be oil spill free"

Erin Velez
"We should be more careful about transporting oil

Ryan Reed
I have a pond near my house and people have been polluting it. I told my friend that there are less fish in the
pond when I saw him walking with his fishing rod"

Kim McKay
"I'm surrounded by trees...sometimes I see bear. Once we put donoughts next to our garage and I saw a bear's hair stick up on it's back. Animals deserve the same space as we do."

Michelle Nofs
"Did you know that smog is a gas?"

 Matthew  Arielly
"My grandmother has an electric powered golf cart that she rides in Florda and it doesn't give off any smoke"

Janine Stricko

"I remember a time when I was little, visiting my grandma in the city. We picked up garbage in a park"
 Dana Kortright
"Have you ever seen anybody drive by and drop a bag of garbage out their window. Its pretty gross"
developement on our Bashakill Wetlands off Route 17 near Cuttybackville.  Call Linda Gette 845 754 0725

&&&&&&&&&&&&  The Bashakill Wetlands    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Elizabeth McAllister, president of the Bashakill Association for 15 years spoke about the importance of Wetlands and the issues confronting its protection:
Catskill Hiking Sack see:

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