Saturday April 28, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

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Format:   Artist - Track Title Album - Contacts
Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  Origami - Flying Fish

Newish releases to Folk Plus on today's show.

Today jurors for the church bombing trial of Thomas Blarton JR continue:
1. Kate Campbell - Bear it Away
Wandering Strange - Eminent Records
"Four little girls, dressed up nice, singing about Jesus"

2.  Rodney Crowell - Topsy Turvy
The Houston Kid - Sugar Hill Records   -
"I wish a millionare would come adopt me on the spot"

3.  Chris White - Rhymes With Orange
I'm a Poet... -
"somebody said nothing rhymes with organge"

4.  Kasey Chambers - The Captain
The captain - Warner Bros. Records.
"You're the captain, I am no one"

5.  Tom Russell - Touch of Evil
Borderland - Hightone Records -
"Won't somebody roll the credits?"

6.  John Smith - Calling Your name
Hole in the Clouds -
"I'm trying to... admit that I might need some help"

7.  Felix McTeigue - 212
Felix McTeigue -
(Ironically his mom wouldn't give out her phone number on the Roches signature tune)

8. Steve Gillette / Cindy Mangsen - Tide and the River Rising
Sense of Place -
"Come on get your oars and row"

9.  Sean Watkins - Neo's Song
Let It Fall - Sugar Hill

10.  Bill Morrissey - Harry's Last Call
Something I Saw or Thought I Saw - Philo
"'But he's your best friend' she said"

11.  Joel Mabus - My Ramona
Six of One - Fossil Records  -
"I just want to be the one to marry my Ramona"
"If you see her, tell her I'm the fella"

12.  Tamarack - Plant a Tree  -
"If you want a home for birds...find a cure...real maple syryp...plant a tree"

13.  Susan Piper - The Landlord
The Truth Comes Out -
"There's a tree in my yard....and he's cutting it down"

14.  Tatters - In the Gloaming (Orted, Harrison)
The Tatters -
"When the trees are sobbing gently"

15. Waybacks - I've Been Around
Devolver -

14.  Cutters - Fields of Gettysburg
Sail Away -
Skookumchuck Music
"I won't pick up that rifle, that is my final word"

15. Michael McNevin -  Harriet
Songs of the Oregon Trial -
"1852, Father heard about the land"

16. Stuark Kabak - George
Truths Left Unspoken -

17. Be Good Tanyas - Don't You Fall
1 800 633-8282

18. Michael Cooney  - In The Jailhouse Now
Still Cooney After All These Years; Singer of Old Songs
"that judge he won't accept no fine"

19. Mrs. Ackroyd Band
Eliza Carthy, Lesley Davis, Norma Waterson, Alison Younger
Les Barker -  Guns and Roses - Johnny, You're So Pecular
"nobody's listening to ya"

20.  Battlefield Band - The Banks of Red Roses
Happy Daze - Temple Records

21.  David Lamotte   -Deadline
Corners -
"No time like the present, no present like time"

22.  Eric Westbury - Turbine
Walking Tracks -

23.  Henning Kvitnes - Red Halfmoon
"Is it a burning rainforest being reflected?"

24.  Groovelily - Love Song Without Metaphor
Little Light -

25.  Eric Taylor - All the Way to Heaven
Scuffletown - Eminent

26.  Brooks Williams - Seven Sisters
Dead Sea Cafe -
Appearing tomorrow at the Mansion House in Middletown

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