Saturday May 5, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

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Music about death, coping with missing people, and dreaming about those who have passed on:
Format:   Artist - Track Title Album - Contacts
Theme:   Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  Origami - Flying Fish

1.  Don Conoscenti - The Other Side
EP - Cogtone Records
"tell them all I did not die, I'm just over on the other side"

2. Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt - I Wish You Were Here
While We Live - Red House Records
"What did I do? What had to be read?
When I might have turned to watch you instead, I wish you were here again"

3. Iris DeMent - After You're Gone
Infamous Angel - Warner Bros
"I've memorized each line on your face, even death can't erase the story they tell"

4. JohnSmith - That's My Dad
To The Four Directions -
"My dad, he smiles at me, from above the clouds, where the angels sing"
"That's my dad on the other side"

5. Rodney Crowell - I Know Love is All I Need
The Houston Kid - Sugar Hill -
"I'm an orphan now"
"I had a dream last night, I saw my mom and dad, they were happy now"

6.  Kat Eggleston - Brian
Outside Eden - Waterbug
"I knew I was dreaming, thats the only way anyone alive sees Brian these days"
"I finally got to say good-bye to Brian last night"

7.  Priscilla Herdman - Water Lily
Water Lily - Phio LP -
"The waking is sad for the tears that it brings. she knows 'tis her dead baby's spirit that sings"

8. Suzzy Roche - Crash
Holy Smokes - Red House
"He's gone away"
"As if I didn't kinow that he's never coming back"

9.  Beth Ferguson - For You, Johnny
Inside Talking -
"I'll play a tune on the violin for you Johnny"
"Family's got to stick together"

10. Gordon Lightfoot - Home From the Forest
Classic Lightfoot - United Artists
"To an old forgotten soldier, the dawn will come no more"

11. Ramblin' Jack Elliott & Jerry Jeff Walker (B.Dylan) - Friend of Mine
Friends of Mine - Hightone Records    -

12.  Magpie & Kim and Reggie Harris - (P. Ochs) When I'm Gone
Spoken In Love - Long Tail Records
"Can't be singing louder than the guns when I'm gone"
"I won't be laughing at the lies when I'm gone"
" I can't live proud enough to die when I'm gone"

13. Darryl Purpose -   Singer Songwriter Heaven
Same River Twice -
"Saw Gram Parsons on his porch..."

14. Rob &  Christopher Williams (Mathew's Brother) - Grammy's Song
Remembering the Day -
"The other one must carry on"

15. Pete Nelson - Mirrored Ball
Restless Boys' Club - Signature Sounds -
1 800 694-5354 -  -
"All things have an end, including garden ornaments"
"Someday even I'll die too"

16.  Rose Vaughan Trio - Sally's Song
Sweet Tarragon - WildRose Records
Box 31374  Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3K 5Z1
"I think about you Sally now, I live inside your house"
"I think of how life circles round"

17.  Eric Garrison - Thank God and the Company
Under a Winter Moon -
"The very last words that he said to me were ..."

18.  Iris DeMent - I've Got No Time To Cry
My Life - Warner Bros.
"My father died a year ago today"
"I'm older now, I've got no time to cry"

19.  Claudia Schmidt - Mam, I Miss You Tonight
Closing The Distance - Flying Fish
"They can't fill the space that's aching just for you"

20. Ulfich, Henderson, Forbes - Changed Forever
UHF II - Tangible Records
"carried on somehow"

21.Eileen McGann - There'll be More Joy
Heritage - Dragonwing
"I'm going to keep on til I find it"

22. Bruce Cockburn - Closer to the Light
Dart to the Heart - Columbia
"Here I remain, only seeing where you used to be"

23.  Mustard's Retreat - Gather the Family
Wind and the Crickets - Palmetto

24.  Kate Campbell - Funeral Food
Vision of Plenty - Compass Records
"Isn't it a shame she passed away, she made the best chocolate cake"

25. Kate Campbell - Now is the Day of Salvation
Wandering Strange - Eminent Records
"Now is the time to be set free"

26. Hugh Blumenfeld - Strong in Spirit
Strong in Spirit - Prime Cd
"all the things they show u surprise us and live on inside us"

27. Kate Wolf - Unfinished Life
Close to You - Kaleidoscope Records
"You cannot find the end, no matter how you try"

28.  Cosy Sheridan - Walk into Heaven
Saturn Return - -
"I can walk into heaven right now"

29. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - When I Go
When I Go -
"I will fly like the falcon when I go"

30. Jude Vadala - Recall the Angels
Angel Songs -
"There is a heaven free from pain"

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