Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday Saturday May 19, 2001

Songs about Aging

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Format:   Artist - Track Title   Album - Label / Contacts
(Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

Peggy Seeger with Irene Scott - New Spring Morning
Almost Commercially Viable - Sliced Bread

Heather Bishop - Aging Grace
Live - Mother of Pearl Records

Freddy Bradburn & Greg Tafidlo - Love in the Same Old Skin
Night of the Falling Angels - Kira Records 540 586-5000

Christine Lavin - You Look Pretty Good For Your Age
Getting In TOuch With My Inner Bitch -

Dar Williams - You're Aging Well
The Honesty Room - Razor & Tie

David Wilcox - Top of My Head
East Asheville Hardware - Fresh Baked Records

Cosy Sheridan - Oren's Song
Anthymn - Wind River

Eliza Gilkyson - Road Not Taken
Redemption Road - Silverwave

John Gorka - People our Age
The Company You Keep - Red House

Bill Morrisey - Fix Your Hair the Way You Used To
Something I Saw Or Thought I Saw - Philo

Cheryl Hoenemeyer - Some Wines
Dark Horse - Voxtrot Music

Stan Rogers - Lies
Home in Halifax - Fogarty's Cove

Steve Goodman (Michael Smith) - The Dutchman
The Essential Steve Goodman - Buddah Records

Rod MacDonald - I'll Walk in the Highland
And Then He Woke Up - Gadfly Records

Artisan - Too Old To Care
Dancing With Words -

Andrew McKnight - When I Grow Up
Turning Pages - Falling Mountain Music

Tad Wise - "Til You Return To Me
Love's Grand Adventure -

Henning Kvitnes - Standing in the Twilight
Heartland -

Jody Kessler - One Lifetime
Leap of Faith -

Sirens - Em's Song
Smilin' - Borealis Records

Cosy Sheridan - George and His 88 Keys
Grand Design -

Cheryl Wheeler - 75 Septembers
Philo So Far - Philo

Judith Zweiman (Christine Lavin) - Biological Time Bomb
Big League Babe - Prime CD

Lui Collins - I'll know the Time
Made in New England - Green Linnet Records

Beatles - When I'm 64
Sgt Pepper's  -

Stan Rogers - 45 Years From Now
Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove

Susan Piper - Time in a Bottle
The Truth Comes Out - Sliced Bread Records

Holy Near & Ronnie Gilbert - Activity Room
Lifeline - Redwood Records

George Mann and Julius Margolin - Don't Let Age Get You Down
Miles to Go Before We Sleep -

Claudia Schmidt - Old Woman lament
Claudia Schmidt - Flying Fish

Bonnie Raitt (Prine) - Angel From Montgomery
The Bonnie Raitt Collection -- Warner Bros.

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