Saturday June 2, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

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Theme:   Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  Origami - Flying Fish

Thanks to Steve Richter who ran my taped show last wee, "Songs about songs", while I was at a family reunion further south on the Delaware. We were rained out of outdoor plans, so we played charades in the hotel lobby instead. Today's weather is rain, tomorrow is rain, Monday is cloudy and overcast with rain at night and rain predicted right until Friday.

1. New Seekers - Rainmaker
Look What They've Done to my Song, Ma - Contour Rec.

2. Maura O'Connell - Rainmaker
Stories, Stories, Stories - Permanent Records

3. Robin and Linda Williams (Townes Van Zandt) - None But the Rain
Robin and Williams - ASI Records

4. Rodney Crowell - Wish it would Rain
Houston Kid - Sugar Hill

5. Kristina Olsen - Rainy Night in Chinatown
The Truth of a Woman - Take a Break Prod.  -

6. JohnSmith - Long Rain
To The Four Directions -

7. Faith Petric (Utah Phillips)  - If I Could Be the Rain
Faith's Favorites - Center Records

8. David M. Bailey  - When It Rains If Pours
One More Day -

9. Salamander Crossing - Five Days in May
Bottleneck Dreams - Signature Sounds

10. Everly Brothers - (Greenfield-King) Crying in the Rain
The Very Best of the Everly Brothers - Warner Bros.

11. Julie Andrews/ Rex Harrison - Lerner & Lowe- The Rain in Spain
My Fair Lady - Columbia Records

12.  Peggy Watson - Rain Dream
Orion's Skies - Over the Edge Records

13. Rod MacDonald - Days of Rain
Into the Blue - Gadfly

14.  Sally Barris - Weatherman
Reluctant Daugher -

15. Lorne Clarke - The Rain
Lorne Clarke - Burnt Creek Music

16. Lynn Miles - A Little Rain
Chalk This One Up to the Moon - Snowy River Records

No matter how fed up you may be with the rain, think of Ken Purdy who lost his life in a flood while warning others of a flood in the Big Thompson Canyon 1976

17. Chuck Pyle - Here Comes the Water
Step By Step - Bee n Flower Music

18. Martin Sexton - Caught in the Rain
Black Sheep - Eastern Front Records

19. Quartette - It Never Rains on Me
Quartette - 17 Denison St. Markhan, Ontario L3R 1B5

20. Delbert McClinton - Watchin the Rain
Nothing Personal - New West

21. Still on the Hill - Standing in the Rain
Still on the Hill - Pingleblobber 001

22. Bill Morrissey - Waiting For the Rain
You'll Never Get to Heaven - Philo

23. Ben Murray and Siobhan Quinn- It's Raining
Two Rivers - Rosewood Steamroller Music

24. David Lamotte - After the Rain
Corners -

The sun broke out, and I ended with some sunny thoughts

25. David Wilcox - It's Almost Time
Nightshift Watchman -
"For that sun to come round again"

26. David Bailey - It Shines
One More Day -

27. Laurie McClain - Rachel's Sunrise
The Child Behind My Eyes -

28 Chuck Pyle - Light of my Love
Step By Step - Bee n Flower Music

29. David Wilcox - Sunshine on the Land
Nightshift Watchman -

30. John Denver - Sunshine on My Shoulders
Poems Prayers -

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