Saturday June 16, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

                  Music about knowing and thinking

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Format:   Artist - Track Title Album - Contacts
Theme:    Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  Origami - Flying Fish

1. Rodney Crowell - I Know Love is All I Need
The Houston Kid - Sugar Hill -

2. Lynn Miles - I Know It Was Love
Slightly Haunted - Philo

3. Kristine Olsen - How Can You Think That I Don't Know
Love Kristina - Philo -
"I know your love like the waves know the sand"

4. Don White - I Know Exactly What Love Is
Rascal -

5. John Gorka - I know
I Know -Red House

6. Shawn Colvin - I Don't Know Why
Live '88 - Plump -

7. Jack Hardy - I Ought To Know
Omens -

8. Cliff Eberhardt - Everybody Knows
Border - Red House -

9. Connie Kaldor - What Do They Know
Small Cafe -
"Everybody's got such good ideas about what someone else should do"

10. Cheryl Wheeler - I know this Town
Circles and Arrows - Philo

11. Nancy White - I Know Cuba
Unexpected -

12. Eddie From Ohio - I Don't Think I Know Me
Big Noise -

13. David  Olney - If I'd Have Known I Couldn't Do It
Omar's Blues -
"Its too late now its done"

14. Carrie Newcomer - I Should have Known Better
Bare to the Bone - Philo

15. Eric Westbury - Next Showing of the Big Picture
Walking Tracks -
"I don't know, when does a doe become a deer?...
How far is near? I don't know"

16. Tom Mitchell - I Want to Know
When the Moon is Right - True Songs-

17. Kate McDonnell - If I Knew
Next - Waterbug

18. Eric Garrison - Guess You Did Not Know
Looking For Egypt -

19. Small Potatoes - The Little That I Know
Time Flies - Folk Era
"With the little that I know about waiting"

20. Christine Lavin - What Was I Thinking?
Live at the Cactus Cafe -

21. Glenn MacPherson - What Was I Thinking?
Mr. Fix-it Man -

22. Carrie Newcomer - I'm Not Thinking of You
My Father's Only Son - Philo

23. The Tatters - I Don't Think So
The Tatters -

24. Greg Brown - Who Woulda Thunk It
In the Dark With You - Red House

25. Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind
If You Could Read My Mind - Reprise

26. Megan McDonough (Lavin) - Good thing he can't read my Mind
Big League Babe - Prime CD

27. Ellis Paul - Did I Ever Know You?
Translucent Soul - Philo

28. Silk City (Mitterhoff, Weiss, Cohen)  -Think it Over One Time
Silk City -Sliced Bread

29 Christine Graves - Don't You Know
Facing Me -

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