Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday June 23 , 2001

Focus on Sing Out 45-2 Issue Summer 2001

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(Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

Highlighting musicians covered in the Summer 2001 Sing Out!

Henning Kvitnes - Wooden Bridge
Hartland - Samso 0051
"Much of the lyrical focus is on direction and choices."

Debra Cowan - (Alan Hunter) The Long Grey Line
The Long Grey Line - Debra Cowan 211
"Cowan doesn't rely solely on her beautiful voice when covering traditional ballad stories"

Brooks Williams - Ring Bell
Skiffle-Bop - Signature Sounds
"He sings ' you should get our more, see the world" and then musically this guitar king takes you there. You'll hear influences of Brazil, Aftica, Appalachia, Senegal, Hawaii..."

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer with Brave Combo-  Swing It, Baby, Swing!
All Wound Up - Rounder Kids 8092
"A fabulous purchase for music educators, parents who enjoy ethnic diversity..."

Cindy Kallet & Friends- Turn the Glass OVer/Whup Jamboree
Leave the Cake in the Mailbox - Stone's Throw
"A great CD for family drives and sing-alongs"

Austin Lounge Lizards - Forty Years Old and I'm Living In My Mom's Garage
Never An Adult Moment - Sugar Hill Records
"Don't believe the title for a moment" "The Lizards are as entertaining as ever"

Tom Chapin - Story of A Life (Harry Chapin)
Common Ground - Gadfly
"There is just far too much time between adult oriented recordings for Tom Chapin"

Eric Bogle - Safe in the Harbour
By Request - Greentrax
"This collection of E B Favorites replaces tow out-of-print collections.

Joyce Andersen - Devil's Fiddle
The Girl I Left Behind- Joyscream
Andersen's own songs are well informed by tradtional music."

Joyce Andersen - Growling Old Man
The Girl I Left Behind- Joyscream

Dolly Parton - I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby(A. Inman)
Little Sparrow - Sugar Hill
"Dolly presents us with a solid poupouri of a half doxen orginals along with timeless pieces..."

Steve Gillette/Cindy Mangsen - When the First Leaves Fall
Sense of Place - Red Wing
When the First LEaves Fall, whis is, well, a reminder that Steve Gillette is simply a great songwirter. :  :Cindy, who is quickly becoming on of our most accomplished concertina players ..."

Joel Mabus - Old Baggum/Toss the Feathers
Six of One - Fossil 1301
Six of one cobines the best of both worlds, good songwriting with songs that have stood the test of time"

John Gorka - What Was That
The company You Keep - Red House
"Very few writers can twist a phrase as cleverly and idiosyncratically as Gorka"

Maria Gillard - Tear Down These Walls
Little Rose - Gizzy 003
"effectively uses home remodeling as a metaphor for saving a relationship" "a CD that perks with pure pleasure"

James Gordon - God Snapped Her Fingers
Mining For Gold - Borealis
"He knows how to sing a song, spin a yarn adn reel you into the heart of his songs"

Peggy Seeger -(Irene Scott/vocals Seeger/Paino) My Joy of You
Love Will ...Ling On... - Appleseed
"It is a pleasure to hear this gentle departure from her more political material."

Eric Taylor - White Bone
Scuffletown - Eminent
"White Bone is a Southern Gothic tale about an albino black man, a natural out-cast. Taylor says this one is a precis for a stage play he might get around to writing one day"  "Both writing and performances are mature and classy."

Peter Spencer - Streets of Montreal
New Hope and Wise Virgins - Autumn Song
"Streets of Monreal' should become an instant classic"

Eliza Carthy - Train Song
Angels & Cigarettes - Warner Bros.
"ventures far afield from the traditional British folk music Elaza has performed .. The new album is a sharp left turn into sophisticated popl"

Songs From Sing Out! -Summer 2001
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 John Hartford - Gentle on My Mind

 Cosy Sheridan - Demeter's Lost Daughter

Pat Humphries - Swimming to the Other Side

Chuck Brodsky - Gone To Heaven

Denice Franke - Dance To The Moon

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