Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday June 30, 2001

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Format:   Artist - Track Title   Album - Label / Contacts
(Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

New stuff:

1. Tracy Grammer & Dave Carter - Ordinary Town
Drum Hat Buddha - Signature Sounds
"this is an ordinary town and the prophet stands alone"

2. Tom Russell - Where the Dream Begins
Borderland - Hightone Records
"searching for the place where the dream begins"

3. Pierce Pettis- Nothing But the Truth
State of Grace - Compass Records
"Hurry, copy down this dream"

4. Kate Long - Lift Up
Bigollady - Roane Records
Played in celebration of my brother, Peter
"I will lift up mine eyes"

5. Albert & Gage - Up Up Up
Burnin' Moonlight - Moonhouse Records
"up is where I'm going to"

6. Greg Trooper -  Trampolene
Straight Down Rain - Eminent
"she never hits the ground"

7. David Dodson - The Farthest Field
Weasel Rhythm - Blue North
13 Grove St Camden, Main 04843
"there is a voice that calls to me"

8. Hilary Spencer - Frobisher Bay (J.Gordon)
Afterimage- Strawberry Music
"frozen in frobisher bay" (great cold thought)

9. Tom Paxton - Yuppies in the Sky
Live From Mountain Stage - Blue Plate Music
"condos for sale, condos to buy…"

10. Don Conoscenti - Molly
Paradox of Grace - Cogtone Records
"let's do the things that lover's do...what are you thinking Molly?"
"see yourself through my eyes Molly"

11. Fred Eaglesmith - He's a Good Dog
Ralph's Last Show - Signature Sounds
"he knows some things that actually, I don't"

12. Mrs. Ackroyd Band - Sloop John A
Tubular Dogs -
"Where could the Sloop A be?"

13. Paul Brady - I Want You To Want Me
Spirits Colliding - Mercury Records
"I need you to touch me, like I want to touch you"

14. Scott Miller - I Wont Go With You
Thus Always to Tyrants -  Sugar Hill     -
"I work so damn hard to push her away"

15. Dan McKinnon - Nova Scotia For Sale
Songs From the Hearth
"theres just one previous owner"

16. Eliza Gilkyson - Beauty Way
Hard Times in Babylon - Red House
"my soul or my money I could save"

17. Kasey Chambers - Southern Kind of Life
The Captain - Warner Bros.
"no room for money and no money anyway"

18. John Doyle - North Sea Holes
Evening Comes Early - Shanachie
"come all ye gallant fisherman"

19. Jive Five Minus Two - One Kiss
The Troubadors of Troubled Times - All Wax No Wane
"hanging in your doorway"

20. Chris White - I'm a Poet and I'm Aware of It
 I'm a Poet and I'm Aware of It - self
" a sight to see, just back from Alabama with his bajo in his mouth"

21. The Kennedys - Highway 10
Possitively Live - Jiffy jam

22.  Jack Kid - Omaha Cha Cha
Espresso Ecstasy -
"Take a little sorrow, take it to the country"

23. Karan Casey - Who Put the Blood
The Winds Begin to Sing - Shanachie

24. Billy Jonas - The Bus
Life So Far - Bang-a-bucket Music
"do you wonder at such intimate information"

25. Fred Koller/Shel Silverstein - Happy Caucasion
No Song Left to Sell - Gadfly
"here is a modulation for the happy caucasion"

26. Tracy Grammer & Dave Carter - Highway 80
Drum Hat Buddha - Signature Sounds
"a mighty fine road"

27. Tom Russell - Sinatra played Juarez
Borderland - Hightone Records
"he speaks that border spanglish well"

28. Pierce Pettis-  Georgia Moon
State of Grace - Compass Records
"down like a tear from God's own eye"

29. Kate Campbell - House You Live In (G. Lightfoot)
Wandering Strange- Eminent

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