Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday July 7, 2001

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(Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

A few new releases and then some Songs about "names"

Some new releases:

1. David Francey - Lucky Man
Far End of Summer - Laker Music
"It's a lucky man that gets to kiss your face"
"I loved you 'fore I even knew your name"

2. Kelly Joe Phelps - Tommy
Sky Like A Broken Clock - Rykodisc
"he could neither play nor destroy"

3. John Hartford - Give Me The Flowers While I'm Living (Flatt and Scruggs)
A Tribute To John Hartford - Blue Plate Music
"You've let me enjoy them while I can"

Onto "names"
(I asked anyone nearby who owened Christine Lavin's "Never Call Your Sweetie By His Name" to drive it over. I hated to air the two hours with that obvious omission, but I didn't own it, and it wasn't at the station. Alsas, no one brought it.)

4. Shirley Ellis - The Name Game
Goofy Greats - K-Tel International
"there isn't any name that I can't rhyme"

5. David Massengill - My Name Joe
Coming Up For Air - Flying Fish
"we all said 'My name Joe"

6. Steve Goodman - You Never Even Call Me By My Name
The Essential Steve Goodman - Buddah
"You don't have to call me darlin' darlin'"

7. Carrie Newcomer - My True Name
My True Name - Philo
"let me call you darlin'..."

8. Gina Forsyth - My Name is Mud
You Are Here - Waterbug
"My name is mud, I am in love"

9. Dervish - Ar Eirinn ni neosfainn ce hi
Live in Palma - Kells
"For Ireland, I'll not tell her name"

10. JohnSmith - Calling Your Name
Hole in the Clouds - Blue Pine Music
"Thats why I'm calling your name"

11. Jerry Mills - I wrote my Own Name Wrong
Urgent Reply - Boom-Zing
"I told them I wasn't bright"

12. Susan Werner - Signing Your Name
Last of the Good Straight Girls
"I keep signing your name"

13. Kim and Reggie Harris with Magpie - When All Thy Names Are One
Guide My Feet - Appleseed
"Why must one soul's heaven be another's hell?"

14. Katherine Wheately - He Keeps Calling Me Baby
Habits and Heroes - Hoot Records
"I aint never been nobody's beauty queen..."

15. Westerleys - Devil's Got Your Name
Blessing and a Curse - Westerley Records
"I went to the devil's house and I told him your name"

16. Chenille Sisters - Namedroppings
True To Life - Red House
"Is Glenn Close? Is Jamie Farr?"

17. Gettysburg - Just Another Nothing With a Name
Gettysburg - Planet Noise Inc.
Written after the death of John Lennon.

18. Eve Goldberg - Names (Cathy Fink)
Ever Brightening Day - Sweet Patootie -
"We are counted not as numbers, but as names"
About the AIDS quilt

19. Marv Hamilton - When You Call My Name
Wing and A Prayer - Best Dog Records
"I just don't know what to do...laugh, cry, go insane, or come on back to you"

 20. Chris Rosser - Deeper Than My Own Name
The Holy Fool - ISG Records
"Their story and my story are the same"

21. Eddie From Ohio - Candido & America
Quick - Virgin Soul Records
"When I have a son he will know where he's from, I'm a man, and I have a name"

22. Hank Cramer - Touch a Name (Joel Mabus)
West By Northwest - Skookumchuck Music
"He died for me, touch his name on the wall"
(Hanks dad died in the vietnam war in the 50's and his name is on the wall)

23. Holy Near - Hay Una Mujer
Imagine My Surprise - Redwood Records
A list of women's names who have disappeared in Chile

24.  Beth Ferguson - Joy Will Be There
Inside Talking -
"I can hear it call my name"

25. Bernice Lewis - When The Rivers Had No Names
Isle of Spirit - Sanctuary Records
"back to a time when the rivers had no names"

26. Rosenshontz - Don't Be A Tease
It's The Truth - Lightyear Entertainment
A song about name calling.

27. Destiny's Child - Say My Name
The Writing's on the Wall - Columbia
My daughter, 12, saw me compiling my list of "name" songs and wanted to add one

26. Falling Run Bluegrass Band - You Might Hear Me Calling Your Name
Oasis Sampler - Volume 27
"Just listen to the breeze..."

27.  . David Francey - Paper Boy
Far End of Summer - Laker Music

28.  David Francey - Mill Town
Far End of Summer - Laker Music

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