Saturday July 14, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

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Songs about sex:
Avoiding sex, the enjoyment, the pain and the consequences of having sex.

1. Poozies - (Mike Ryan) The Widow
Raise Your Head -Compass Records
"There's not a man in all creation gives content to me"

2. Martin Carthy/Dave Swarbrick - Two Magicians
Both Ears and the Tail - Gadfly
A "changing form" traditional songs as the lady tries to avoid the man.

3. Diggers - The Dancing Lesson
Diggers (Dennis Shearin & Kathy Devine)
A woman gives "dancing" lessons. "I'll make all the music..and you shall keep the beat"

4. Cathie Ryan - You and I in the One Bed Lie
Cathie Ryan  -  Shanachie
Six riddles must be answered before he gets his way.

5. Flying Cloud - Jack Orion
Flying Cloud - Adelphi Records
A.L. Lloyd rewrites Child Ballad 67. One of many songs where one is killed in jealousy and anger.

6. David Wilcox - Language of the Heart
How Did You Find Me Here -
"You took off your dress in the moonlight"

7. Pierce Pettis - He Burns For Her
While The Serpent Lies Sleeping - Windham Hill
"Says he's looking for love, or somthing that feels just like it"

8. Garnet Rogers (Lui Collins) The Enfolding
Speaking Softly in the Dark - Snow Goose <
"The kindness of our bodies, speaking softly in the dark"

9. Kevin So - Til The Morning Comes
Individual - <
"Our bodies will be one"

10. David Massengill - Wake Up
The Return - Plump
"so I can start kissing you"

11. Tom Paxton - Coffee in Bed
Wearing the Time - Sugar Hill
Paxton says, "Dan Quayle thinks this song is about coffee"

12. Cornucopia - The Mowing Song
Sue Trainor's answer to all the double entendre songs about women.

13. David Wilcox- After Your Orgasm Introduction....
East Asheville Hardware-
David, though being criticized for singing this song, in his defense says, "You like when I sing about what I believe, and I believe that sex is really nice"

14. David Wilcox - Sex and Music
Underneath - Vanguard
"The power of being attractive, or just the attraction of power?"

15. Mindy Jostyn -Power, Sex and Money
Cedar Lane-
"I still feel incomplete"

16. Debra Cowan - Johnny be Fair
The Long Grey Line -
A mother confesses to her daughter that his father is not really her father, so he can marry the boy that she previously had thought was a brother.

17. John Forster - Entering Marion
Entering Marion-  Philo
About suggestive road signs

18. Camille West - Viagra in the Waters
Diva's Day Off - Mother Tongue Music
A truck accident spills viagra in a town's water supply, but was it an accident?

19. Colcannon - The Confession
Saint Bartholemew's Feast - Oxford Road Records
An elderly man confesses to "anyone who will listen."

20. Modern Man - I Still Want it All the Time
The Wide Album - Inverted Turtle Records
"There's an off switch I can't find"

21. Live Axe - Hes Gotta Have It
Babes with Axes -
"I'm tired of saying no"

22. Billy Jonas - Sleeeeeeeping
Life So Far - Bang a Bucket
"The warmest chord I ever heard"

23. Ron Renninger - Unintentional Seed
Vanishing Breed - Vienna Virginia
Makes me think of Diana Ross' Love Child, folk style

24. Lisa McCormick - Sex and Consequences
Lisa McCormick - Rising Records
"The master's plan was physically designed to please us"

25. Richard Shindell - Summer Wind, Cotton Dress
Blue Divide - Shanachie
"I sometimes dream I'm holding you instead"

26. Eileen McGann - Fair Flower of Northumberland
Turn it Around - Dragonwing Music
A mother and father react differently. We don't really know the extent of "wrong" done.
"You're not the first that young Scot's have beguiled"

27. Moira Cameron - Willie of Winsbury
Lilies Among the Bushes -
A parent reacts to a pregnancy

28. Marie-Lynn Hammond - Impromptu
I Don't Sleep With Strangers Anymore - Vignettes Media
"Won't you let me come up to your room"

29. Mindy Jostyn - Trouble I Don't Need
Cedar Lane-
"Where could this possibly lead?"

30. Bruce Cockburn - Mango
Breakfast in New Orleans - Ryko
"love to drink that water"

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