Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday August 11 2001

Family Ties

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Today's show featured family acts: siblings, parents, and cousins.
(Theme:   Jay Ansill- "The Two Horizons"  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

Format:   Artist - Track Title
Album - Label / Contacts

1. Clannad - Two Sisters
Dulaman - Shanachie
Family music from Ireland

2. Smith Sisters - Bramble and The Rose
A Canary's Song - Flying Fish
Sisters Megan and Debi

3. Wiggins Sisters (  - Only Mine
Minnesota -
Sisters Casy and Mizzy Wiggins

4. Chris and Meredith Thompson - Children
Wood and Stone -

5. Burns Sisters - I Love You Anyway
Out of the Blue - Philo
A three sister act

6. Stan Rogers - Make and Break Harbour
Fogarty's Cove -

7. Garnet Rogers - Next Turn of the Wheel
Sparrow's Wing - Snow Goose

8. Smothers Brothers - You Didn't Come in
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - Mercury Records

9. Everly Brothers - Devoted To You
The Very Best of the Everly Brothers

10. Stacey Earle - Show Me How
Simple Gearle - Gearle Records

11. Steve Earle - Christmas in Washington
Concerts for a Landmine Free World

12. Barachois - Mon Mari est Bien Malade
Encore! -

13. The Nields - This Town is Wrong
The Nields - Zoe Records

14. Leahy - B Minor
Leahy - Narada
11 touring brothers and sisters

15. Dan, Megan, Gary and Margaret MacArthur - Bold Orion on the Rise
MacArthur Road - Front Hall Records
A farming musical family in New England

Terre and Maggie Station ID

16. Terre/Maggie Roche - Malachy's
Seductive Reasoning - Columbia
1975 Columbia release of the two oldest sisters

(Left Terre's solo cd at home! Promise to air it soon.)

17. Terre/Maggie/Suzzy Roche - (D. Roche) Missing
Another World - Warner Brothers
10 years later, three sisters singing their brother's tune

18. David Roche - Goodbye to You
Here it Is - Fireweed Records
Yunger brother David's release

19. Suzzy Roche- Breathing
Holy Smokes - Red House
Suzzy's solo, singing here about her daughter Lucy

20. Felix McTeigue(with Lucy Roche) - Daylight Hour
Felix McTeigue - Rusty Muffler Records
Maggie's son sings with Suzzy's daughter Lucy on harmony

21. Loudon Wainwright III - People in Love
Loudon Wainwright III - Virgin Records don't own a computer and I hate that letter e)
Lucy's dad's turn

22. Sloan Wainwright - Don't Go
From Where You Are - Waterbug
Sloan singing with her brother's harmony

23. Rufus Wainwright - Grey Gardens
Poses - Dreamworks
Sloan's nephew

24. Kate & Anna McGarrigle -Swimming Song or Tell My Sister
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Warner Brothers
Rufus' mom and aunt also a 1975 recording

26. Johnny Cash - Drive On
Song of Cash - American Recordings

27. Roseanne Cash - Mirror Image
Interiors - Columbia

Not blood relations, but married (that could be a whole other show)
             however they are playing today in Accord and Margaretville 8/18
28. Too Human - New Surrender
True - Boenel Records

29.  Tom Chapin - Life Story
Common Ground - Gadfly

30.  Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle
Bottom Line Encore Collection - Bottom Line Recordings

Down the road at the 60's woodstock site (Bethel, NY) the controversy continues about allowed public gatherings. As usual the court decisions are many days behind the crowds that come every year, regardless of the law. Local millionaire Alan Gerry has bought the land and is planning a huge performing arts center on it. The New York Philharmonic is scheduled to play in three years, and the building hasn't been started. This area is increasingly known for the arts, with great theatre and music developing over the decade.

In any case I'm at Owen Sound for Summerfolk and missing all the activity here. My show is prerecorded and posted already.

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