Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday August 25, 2001


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(I couldn't play my theme by Jay Ansel, for alas, this is an all Canadaian show.
Today's Theme:   Stephen Fearing- Lark and Duke  - The Assassin's Apprentice -True North)

Last weekend I attended a festival on Georgian Bay in Owen Sound, Ontario (  Here I enjoyed talented Canadians and some "naniamo" - A treat from Vancouver island made from layers of fudgy chocolate slabs over custard.

There are dozens and dozens of  festivals in Canada. Summerfolk, at Owen Sound is a beautiful site, but has it's managerial peculiarities. A fabulous site of information on these festivals is   This site organizes by province area and by date.

There are 29 million people in Canada. I played bits of Leahy and Anne Lindsay's tune "Emmas Dance" during the station breaks as teasers. Several acts will be getting me their releases in the coming weeks, so this is by no means a complete list of any sort. Every time I played someone, I left many out. If you are wondering who is and who is not Canadian, check out

Hard to fit talent from a pool of 29 million people in two hours.
Here we go, an all Canadian show:

Nightsun - Didn't I Try?
One Moment of Grace - Borealis

Katherine Wheatley - Jimmy
Habits and Heroes -

Lennie Gallant -Is It Love That I Feel
Believing In Better -

Beth Ferguson - What Is Mine
Dance On The Earth -

April Verch - Creeking Tree
Fiddleicious -

Lynn Miles - It's Gone
Chalk This One Up to the Moon -

Chris White - Miles of Miles
I'm A Poet and I'm Aware of It-

Melwood Cutlery -  Littlemissunderstood
If It Rains -

Finest Kind - (Kipling/Bellamy) - Give Me Just A Little More Time
Lost In A Song -

Eve Goldberg - Waiting For A Train
Ever Brightening Day -

Laura Smith - Shade of Your Love
Vanity Pressed -- a collection -
Nova Scotia

John and Michele Law - Stayin' Up Late
Estimated Time of Revival -  www.gulfislands.comjmimusic

James Gordon - Humline Song
Songs From Basic Black -

Garnet Rogers - The Beauty Game
Summer Lightning -Snow Goose

Hart Rouge - Peine
Une Historie De Famille - Red  House

Aengus Finan - The War Bride's Waltz
Fool's Gold - Shelter Valley Productions

Nancy White - Child on Board
Omnipotent -

Sirens -Lure of Lorelei

Connie Kaldor - Wanderlust
Grocery Moonlight - Coyote Ent

Tanglefoot - Jenny Wren
Full Throated Abandon

Eileen McGann- Too Stupid For Democracy

Marie-Lynn Hammond - Girl Who Can't Say Yes
Impromptu -

Rick Fielding - Rag Eh?
Lifeline - Folk-Legacy Records

Martina Sorbara - Claudia
The Cure For Bad Deeds -

Jian Ghomeshi - Lousy Boy
The First 6 songs -

Tim Harrison - Gonna Ride That Train
Sara And The Sea -

Dan McKinnon - This House
Songs From the Hearth -

Wyrd Sisters - Back Into Your Arms
Sin & Other Salvations -

Terry Tufts - You Said
Demo collections -

Rosalee Peppard - Evangeline
No Place Like Home -

Tom Lips - All I Want
Made Of Sky -

Susan Aglukark - Mama's Prayers
Artic Rose -
Her site seems to be down. Information is also at:

David Francey - A Thousand Miles
Far End of Summer -

Haines and Lighton - Optimists Jig
Optimists Jig -

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