Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday September 1, 2001

More Canadians
J'ai passe quelque jours au Montreal this week and felt the need to continue with Canadian artists.

Format:   Artist - Track Title
               Album - Label / Contacts

1. Today's Theme:   David Woodhead- Nancy's Wish -
                               Sweets and Conundrums-

2. The Travellers - (Tyson) Four Strong Winds
This Land is Your Land - Sony Canada

3. Pied Pumkin (String Ensemble) - Turning
Pied Alive - Squash Records

4. Matapat (Bernard, Bourque, LePage)- La Suite Du Casse Reel
Matapat - Borealis

5. Ian Robb - Green Groves
From Different Angels - Fallen Angel Music

6. Mary Jane Lamond - Bodach Beag A Loinean
Bho Thir Nan Croabh - B & R Heritage
POBox 3 Iona Nova Scotia B0A 1L0

7. Ian Tamblyn - Magdelena
Body Needs To Travel - North Track

8. Penny Lang - Kick Out of Corn
Live At the Yellow Door - She-Wolf Records

9. Kevin Woodward - Mindso
Free -

10. Jory Nash - Love No More
Tangle With The Ghost -Thin Man Records

11. Stan Rogers - Watching the Apples Grow
Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove Music

12. Scruj MacDuhk - Cragie Hills
The Road to Canso -

13. Gordie Sampson - Sorry
Stones -  Turtle Musik,1174,651,00.html

14. Bird Sisters - Spirit House
Bird Sisters -

15. Jude Vadala -Angel Sweet Angel
Angel Songs -

16. Moxy Fruvous - Michigan Militia
You Will Go To The Moon - Bottom line Records

17. Fireweed - Even If
Fireweed -

18. James Keelaghan - Love What A Road
Road - Hightone Records

19. Be Good Tanyas - Littlest Birds
Blue Horse -

20. Barachois - La Marmoltteuse
Encore! - House Party Production

21. Spirit of the West - Darkhouse
Labour Day - Stony Plain Records
Box 861 Edmonton, Canada T5J2L8

22. Al Grierson - Flowers of Aushwitz
Things That Never Added Up to Me - Folkin' Eh! Records

23. Erin Benjamin - Harder Than The Rain
Monster In My Heart -BabyHugh Records

24. McGarrigles - Talk To Me of Mendocino
McGarrigle Hour - Rykodisc

25. Darcie Deaville - Running
Tornado in Slo Mo

26. Great Speckled Bird - Rio Grande
Great Speckled Bird - Stony Plain Recording
(Liner notes by Tom Russell, forshadowing perhaps?)

27.Caitlin Hanford, Cindy Church, Sylvia Tyson, Colleen Peterson - The Circle
Quartette -
 (Colleen now is replaced by Gwen Swick)

28. Rankin Family - Mo Run Geal Dileas
Rankin Family -

29. Jennifer Noxon - Water
Watch As You Walk -

30. Rose Vaughan  Trio - Man/Maid Moon
Sweet Tarragon - WildRose Records
 P.O. Box 31374, Halifax, NS B3K 5Z1

31. La Volee D'Castors - Les Deux Vendredis
Par Monts Et Par Vaux -

32. Jann Arden - I Would Die For You
Time For Mercy -A&M

33. Modabo - Hold Tight
Modabo -
No longer a band, but I love this tune

I ran the last three artists past 1 oclock, and incorporated some time from the children's programming, running some of Rick's album for kids as our children's show for today. . The childlrn who prepare this show monthly had difficulties and we decided to run Rick's CD. Good thing I had it. It fit well with the theme of Canadians and children!

34. Teresa Doyle - Canoe Round
Dance To Your Daddy -
I used to canoe and sing this song as a girl guide in northern Ontario.

35. Bruce Cockburn - Sunrise on the Mississippi
Dart To The Heart - Columbia

Running into the childrens show:

36.  Rick Scott -   Dearest Friend
Making Faces - Jester Records

37.                       Making Faces
38.                       Song For Australia
39.                       Do Overs
40.                       KittyCow
41.                       Brewery Creek
42.                       Purple Elephant
43.                       I Speak Duck (in French and English)

C'est Tout. A bientot.
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