Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday, September 15th

Post Terrorist Show: What Now? Build Humanity with Seeds of Peace

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(Theme:   NightSun Parrish Waltz)

1. NightSun - Parrish Waltz
One Moment of Grace - borealis

2. Holly Near - Strong
Hang In There - Redwood Records
"Who is gonna teach me to be strong when the tears come"

I met with Peter Yarrow this week. He said the Civil Rights Movement wouldn't have energized as it did without songs. He said they gathered anywhere they could, church basements, not to entertain, but for community. I hope today to offer sharing of a variety of reactions we each have, all of which are apporpriate because its our own. He also told me "Trust the music to heal", so I am.

3. Tom Intondi & Frank Rossini - America *
City Dancer - self
"America, she don't dance anymore, she stumbles through her act"

4. Cindy Kallet - Bodies
Dreaming Down A Quiet Line -
Written when we were so anxious to bomb Libya into a parking lot.

5. Julie Gold's From A Distance
Sung by Donna Summer, Nanci Griffith and Raul Malo
A multi-lingual version suggesting world unity, sung for Olympic Games

6. Poozies - We Built Fires
Raise Your Head (A Retrospective) - Compass Records
"that fire will blow this world apart unless we learn to live in peace"

7. Pete Seeger:   I am absolutely convinced in this year of 2000 if there is a human race here in 100 years it will be     saved not by thousands, not millions, but perhaps hundreds of millions of little organizations. This means a community organization perhaps. A fire department,  a park group, family groups, it means international groups whether it is an academic association or a scientific or sports organizations or a political organization or a religious organization or perhaps a small business.  I frankly don't think big organizations will save the world whether they have political, religious or corporate. Somewhow big organizations attrack power hundry people and they end up not doing what you hope they could do.  I am actually now, I have to laugh, I'm a big supporter of small business.  My daugter is a potter.  She goes out with pottery to sell. So some business are family businesses and they come and go.  Some are a little bit bigger and last for generations or even more. The important thing is to realize that every little thing is contributing to the saving of the human race.

       People say "Well if everybody obeyed the same rules wouldn't we all be here? "  Ha ha ha.  It may be that thousands of years from now we can agree on a lot of the same rules.  Lets agree on one or two first. Like its better to talk than shoot. But let's recognize that words mean different things to different people. When people get talking sometimes they get so angry that words just fly off into space.  There is where the arts come in. Try melodies, try harmonies, to rhythms, try pictures, scientists try numbers, try good food, that is what festivals are all about.  One woman said to me, "Try hot tubs" She wants to get the leaders of the world in a hot tub together.  But what you don't do is say "I'm leaving this room, I will not be in the same room with this person"  We have got to learn to be in the same room with somebody we think is insane, responsible for terrible things, and find some way to find some way to reach this persons heart and mind and hands.  We don't know how.
(Peoples Music Network Interview:

8. Jack Hardy - The Children *
The Hunter -
"Nothing needs proving at all"

.Pete:  But we got to try.  As I say if words don't work, try other means.  But somebody who raises a child, to be an honest
 person a constructive person.  They are saving the world. Here is a great website for assistance on guiding children through emotions and answering their questions right now:

9. Bird Sisters - (Jude Vadala) Carley's Song
Different Stories -
"I don't want to know what the news is today, just tell me this will all be here for her, come what may"

10. Christine Lavin - As Bad As It Gets
Shining My Flashlight -
"Nothing has prepared you for this"

On this date (September 15th) in 1940 Churchill went on radio to say that the Battle of France is over, and that the Battle of Britain was beginning. He had predicted before being Prime Minister that the enemy. Expect the full onslaught of the enemy was and was labeled a war monger for this fact. After taking over the leadership he said he could only offer bload sweat tears and toil and that he couldn't say the worst was over, in fact there was worse to come. He was known for dealing with reality and dealing with what was.

11. John Smith - What Is
Four Directions -
"Can't change what was..(I'm gonna spend more time ) a whole lot more on what is"

12. Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny
Summer Lightning - Snow Goose
"It's too late by the grave, give them all the love you have, everyday"

13. Jackson Browne - Song For Adam
Saturate Before Using - Asylum Records

14. Don Conoscenti - The Other Side
Paradox of Grace -
"Tell them all I did not die I'm just over on the other side"

15. Cosy Sheridan - Tell Me It All Works Out In The End
Grand Design - BWE  -
"It's hard to feel blessed"

16. Pierce Pettis - God Believes in You
Everything Matters - Compass
"It doesn't have to end like this, God believes in you"

17. Ellis Paul - Angel In Manhattan
Translucent Soul - Philo
An Angela landed on Bleecker Street, "She threw out miracles"

18. Paul Simon  - American Tune
There Goes Rhymin' Simon - Columbia
"I don't have a friend that feels at ease"
"We come in the age's most uncertain hour and sing an American tune"

19. CeCe Borjeson - The Cost of Freedom
The Cost of Freedom - Trains Wrecked Prod.
"Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down"

20. Bob Franke - A Healing In This Night
In This Night - Flying Fish
"There is a pain here that slowly slips away"

21. Pat Humphries - Common Thread
Same Rain - For her newest release see:
"We will rise altogether we will rise"

22. Jacob's Reunion - Ontario
Jacob's Reunion - self
"Hard Hard Times down in the U.S.A."

23. Jay Mankita - Why I'm Here in This World
Jay Mankita  -
"I just stop for a while, and remember who I am"

24. Peter Yarrow - Don't Laugh at Me
I had the opportunity to meet with  Peter Yarrow Thursday. He is working with a project promoting peaceful acceptance within schools called "Don't Laugh At Me
"Don't get your pleasure from my pain, in God's eyes we're all the same, someday we'll all have perfect wings"

25. Wyrd Sisters - 3000 Million
Inside the Dreaming - self
"In the playground, typical boys arguing over who has the most toys" and then they get older

26. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald  - Calling on Love
Freewheel Records -
"I guess I must be crazy tonight to dream of children sleeping tight...
could it be that crazy after all?" "I'm calling on love"

27. Beth Ferguson - What Is Mine
Dance On the Earth -
"What I need right now, you can't give me, I'll cry out this anger"
"Grief upon grief"

28. Magpie - Give Light
Give Light - Sliced Bread Records
"Teach peace and people will find a way"

29. Ed McCurdy - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream *
From the First Fast Folk Musical Magazine

30. Joan Baez - One Day At A Time
One Day At A Time - Vanguard
"Yesterday's dead, tomorrow is blind, I live one day at a time"

For final words from Peter Yarrow see his statement

This footnote from September 15, 2001
         Jeff Hardy, Jack's brother and long-time bass player in his band, is missing and
          presumed lost in the World Trade Center tragedy. Jeff worked as an executive chef on
          the 101st floor of the north tower. He played on many of Jack's albums and toured with
          Jack for 11 years.

* - indicates that Jeff played bass on cut (cuts 3, 8, and 29).

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