Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday September 22, 2001

More Healing

When I went on air last week my children's gentle uncle, who was a wonderful cook, sought-after bass player and loyal Met's fan was still missing.  I cried through my playlist.  I didn't share reasons for my personal grief, but I was unable to maintain a "normal" radio voice. Jeff and I had shared travelling, holidays, meals, apartment space, and great conversations roughly 20 years ago. Though I felt that I shouldn't share anything personal over the air, I did add a note at the bottom of my setlist that several songs included a man on bass that was missing.
Peter Yarrow had given a statement for me to add to my program. He urged "to trust the music to heal", I did.
Many people called, sent snail mail and e mail in responce to the fact that I would actually cry openly on air, and how healing that was for them.  A woman even drove to the station to greet me with a hug once my show ended.

During this past week, after sharing and sharing,and finally speaking up, I feel as if little pieces of grief were lifted from me and distributed to the hearts and ears of others who listened.

Here again is another program meant to reach various healing stages and responsive thoughts, as legitimate and varied as the listeners themselves.

Format:   Artist - Track Title -  Album - Label (and/or ) Contacts

Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

Dick Gaughan - A Different Kind of Love Song
A Different Kind of Love Song - Folk Freak
"You say all that I sing of is trouble and
That doesn't enertain you"

Lui Collins - (Julie Snow) Baptism of Fire
Baptism of Fire  - Green Linnet
"The only way out is through"

Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer - Gentle Arms of Eden
Drum, Hat, Buddha - Signature Sounds
"rock me goddess in the gentle arms of eden"

Sons of the Never Wrong - With or With
3 Good Reasons - Waterbug
"Cry...take your time, you have every right"

Tom Payne - (Chuck Brodsky) We Are Each Other's Angels
Ten Lucky Pennies - Waterbug
"We keep each other going and we show each other signs"

Cindy Kallet - Hang in There
Working on Wings to Fly - Folk-Legacy Records
"I've been awake all through the night"

Garnet Rogers - Seeds of Hope
Night Drive - Snow Goose
"We will harvest seeds of hope we've sown...
dry your eyes there is an end to sorrow"

John Smith - Find Hope
Hole in the Clouds - self
"When we lose what we treasure most,
In the loss, find hope"

Julie Gold - Goodnight, New York
Dream Loud - Gadfly Records
"through the harbour of hopes and dreams"

Artisan - Fear
Our Back Yard - Boing Records
"Fear is the enemy"

NightSun - One Moment of Grace
One Moment of Grace - Borealis
"I'm not frozen in faith holds me"

Deborah Holland - Hard to be a Human in the Universe
The Book of Survival - Gadfly
"It's suddenly clear how you ended up here and rose up from the flames"

Moxy Fruvous - Gulf War
Bargainville - Atlantic
"What makes a person so poisonous righteous?"

Steve Goodman - Penny Evans
The Essential Steve Goodman - Buddah Records
"My age is 21, a young widow"

Lucy Kaplanski - (Lowe) Peace Love and Understanding
Flesh and Bone - Red House
"So where are the strong"

Kate Campbell - Bear It Away
Wandering Strange - Eminent
"who can explain such ignorant hate"

David Roth - That Kind of Grace
Rising in Love - Folk Era
"And When I sing Amazing Grace, her face is what I see"

Pierce Pettis - A State of Grace
A State of Grace - Compass Records
"I am not alone, I am not ashamed
To make my home in a state of grace"

Peter Yarrow - (Ochs) There But For Fortune
Songs of Phil Ochs - Sliced Bread
"Show me the ruins of building once so tall"

Bob Franke - For Real
Long Roads, Short Visits - Daring Records
"Let us be kind to one another"

Kevin So - Individual
Individual -
"Who am I to judge you
"Who are you to judge me"

Dick Gaughan - Think Again
A Different Kind of Love Song - Folk Freak
"Before we do that which can never be undone
I beg of you thin, think again, and again and again..."

Tracy Sands - (Rod MacDonald) I'll Walk in the Highlands
Voice on the Line - Voice Works Recording
"Whenever we measure lifes greatest treasures"

Pat Humphries - Bound for Freedom
Hands - Moving Forward Music
"From the streets of New York City, cross the oceans and beyond
People of all nations create a common bond"
"Our children will be free to lead the world and carry on"

Cindy Kallet - Tide and the River Rising
Dreaming Down a Quiet Line - Stone's Throw Music
"Some rise from trouble, some lend a hand"

Si Kahn - Gone Gonna Rise Again
In My Heart (A retrospective) - Philo
"New wood springs from the roots underground"

Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter
Home in Halifax - Fogarty's Cove Music
"And you to whom adversity has dealt the final blow...rise again"

Pete Seeger - We Shall Overcome
 We Shall Overcome - Columbia

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