Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday September 29, 2001

                   Seek Community, Reach out  locally  and globally

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(Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

On Folk Plus today I'd like my show to reflect in my two hours the slow emergance of people emerging from their shock, grief, confusion and anger all in their own timing.

The first section of my playlist will continue withvaried responces with questions and beliefs. Then I want to move on with the idea of seeking family and friends and seeking community in the form of the healing of live music. Judging from listener responce these past two weeks, that power is even more incredible than I'd imagined. I will give some local suggestions and dates and preview some artists to whose talents we turn at times such as these.

This week Maya Angelou said when asked for a responce to the Sept 11th violence against America: "I am speechless.....which doesn't mean I have nothing to say"

1. Kitty Donohue -There are no Words     MP3 download
Thank you for making this available Kitty

Maya Angelou says that this is a time for thinking people to think.
Many frank reporters and citizens commented on how we have been asleep as a nation.
Gloria Steinman asked "Why is our terrorism so much worse than terrorism anywhere else?"
I'd like to present some music addressing dreams, history and violence within our borders and beyond.

2. Hilary Spencer (Les Barker) History Man
Afterimage - Stawberry Music Sheffield
"come take a walk where tomorrow has been"

3.Bob Franke- Stir Up Your Power
For Real - Flying Fish 368
"restore our weary souls"
Oct 26: Minstrel Coffee House - Morristown, NJ 973-335-9489

4. Holly Near - No More Genocide In My Name
Hang In There - Redwood Records
"that's just a lie, one of the many and we've had plenty,
I don't want more of the same, no more genocide in my name"

5. Chenille Sisters - (Near) Hay Una Mujer
At Home With the Chenille Sisters - Red House

6. Suzanne Vega - Queen and the Soldier
Suzanne Vega - A & M Records
"I've wondered whose the woman for whom we all kill"

7. Tracy Chapman - Why?
Tracy Chapman - Elektra
"love is hate, war is peace, "

8. Red Grammer - Listen
Teaching Peace - Red Note Records
"all the way around the world a heartbeat sounds the same"

9. John McCutcheon - Calling All the Children Home
Supper's on the Table - Rounder
"Everybody's got  enough  but we havn't got a lot"

10. Lui Collins - Maisha Ni Saft
Stone By Stone - Molly Gamblin Music
"Ill teach you my language, you teach me yours"

11. David Massengill, Jack Hardy, Tom Intondi, Lucy Kaplansky, Rod MacDonald
David Massengill - Great American Dream
Fast Folk Musical Magazine Live at the Bottom Line 1984
"where is this place you call Free Lunch Bar?"
"Is TV more beautiful than the Mona Lisa?"
"I love Freedom, I hope freedom loves me"

12. Tom Intondi, Lucy Kaplansky, Marth Hogan, Frank Christian (Rod MacDonald)
Sailor's Prayer - Song Project In Rome  Folkstudio
"I will not lie me down in such a storm"

13 Dick Gaughin - Revolution
Different Kind of Love Song -FolkFreak
"I come because Liberty liberty cannot forever be fettered by chains"

14. Dick Gaughin - Prisoner 562
Different Kind of Love Song -FolkFreak
"listen child and understand"

15. Dick Gaughin - (Peggy Seeger) Song of Choice
"let others take the lead and you bring up the rear"
"You'll pay for your silence with your life"

16. Smothers Brothers - Controversial Material
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
We used to be able to get away with supressing minority groups
Dicky points out that some songs need updating to reach out globally

      Dead End Cafe, Parksville New York / October 12

17. James Gordon - If You Hear the River Call
Pipe Street Dreams - Wind River

18. James Gordon -Back Before Walmart
Mining For Gold - Borealis
"generations of hopes and dreams are all
sitting down in a bank somewhere in Arkansas"

      Western Hotel: Harmonie Hall on the Delaware River : October 20

19. Michael McNevin - Busy Life
Secondhand Story - Mudpuddle Music
"need a little blind ambition"

20. Michael McNevin - Jersey Jail
Secondhand Story - Mudpuddle Music
"I've paid enough for their overkill"

21. Julie Gold - Tiger in New Jersey
Try Love - Gadfly Records
"Messengers of God in Heaven teach us that its not too late
for us all to live in peace"

22. Julie Gold - Once You Said You Loved Me
Try Love - Gadfly

23. Julie Gold - Sept 11 2001

24. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - When I Go
When I Go - self
Oct 10  The Rosendale Cafe -  435 Main Street in Rosendale 658-9048
Oct 14 Mansion House Concerts - Middletown, NY, 845-342-0878 -

25. Janis Ian - Honor Them All
Hunger - Windham Hill
Oct 21 Mansion House Concerts - Middletown, NY, 845-342-0878 -

26. Sloan Wainwright - You Are The Feast
The Song Inside - Farkie Music
Oct 28 Turning Point - Piermont, NY - 359-1089
"I want to be the one to give you back your life"

27. Peggy Seeger - Guilty
Almost Commerically Viable - Sliced Bread
Oct 19: Bodles Opera House - Chester, NY - 845-469-4595

30. New Middle Class - Buy One Get One Free
New Middle Class - self
Oct 26 Bodles Opera House - Chester, NY - 845-469-4595

31. Modern Man - Don't You Hate It -
The Wide Album- Inverted Turtle Records
Oct 26: Bodles Opera House - Chester, NY - 845-469-4595

32. Terence Martin - Waterproof
Waterproof - Good Dog Records
Oct 26-  Turning Point - Piermont, NY - 359-1089

33.  Robin and Linda Williams - Things I've Learned
Devil of A Dream - Sugar Hill
Oct 25 : Turning Point - Piermont, NY - 359-1089

(Also check out/left cd in player at home!)
Susan McKeown & The Changing House/ Oct 5
Night Eagle Cafe - Oxford, NY,  (NE of Binghamton) 609-843-7378 -
Check this playlist for information on other area club listings :
Saturday August 4, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

Lastly Id like to suggest we reach beyond God Bless America, but God bless all peace loving
peoples of the world. Someone needs to draft a flag for that.

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