Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday October 6, 2001

Some favorites mixed with some new and some humor

Format:   Artist - Track Title   Album - Label / Contacts
(Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

Coming to the Dead End Cafe next Friday:
James Gordon - The Humline Song
Songs From Basic Black -
a clever tune that blends many folk tunes, a folk show all on its own"

Cosy Sheridan - Broken Place
Saturn Return - Waterbug
"I can feel I am going a little numb"

Tina Shafer - Stronger In the broken Places
Backyard Sky -
"the world will surely change us and make us stronger in the broken places"

Chenille Sisters - Help! I'm turning into My Parents
True to Life - Red House Records
"I like my folks a lot, hey that doesn't mean I wanna be 'em"

Annie Gallup - Three Bills
Swerve - Prime CD
"It's going to cost you"

John Smith - Down A Gravel Road
To The Four Directions -
"gratatude is a friend of mine"

Carol Elliott - Sequoyah
People I Meet - Heartstrong Records
"words on paper don't make you own the land"

Matapat - Champ De Pois
Petit Fou - Borealis
"venez vous promener belle avec moi"

David Wilcox - Language of the Heart
How Did You Find Me Here - A & M
"it was more than words that got spoken"

Small Potatoes - Waltz of the Wallflowers
Waltz of the Wallflowers - Wind River
"why did I even come? I don't know anyone?"

Julie and Buddy Miller - (Richard Thompson) Keep Your Distance
Buddy and Julie Miller - Hightone
" I'm sweeping out footprints where I strayed"

Garnet Rogers - Roman Coin
Night Drive - Snow Goose
"I have no tears left to cry my tears have all been spent"

James Keelaghan - Abraham
My Skies - Green Linnet
"when will this fighting end?"

Dana Robinson - Stalk Your Calling
Midnight Salvage - Alcazar

Julie Gold - Temporary Song
Try Love - Gadfly

Julie Gold - The Journey
Try Love - Gadfly

Michael McNevin - Sketch
Sketch -
"better than a tv set"

Susan White - Just Like You
Sound Land -
"It would be just like you to love the land"

Pierce Pettis - (Mark Heard) Rise From the Ruins
State of Grace - Compass
"go and say what aint easy to say"

David Francey - Saints and Sinners
Torn Screen Door - Laker Music
"its no surprise that its us or them, its a long way to heaven from Bethlehem"
"off in the distance they rang a bell"

Kat Eggleston - Paper Boats
Second Nature - Waterbug
"I can love what we once were and let you go
years of practice making paper boats"

Lynn Miles - It'll be Here
Chalk This One Up - Snowy River Records
"Just wait"

Jack Hardy - Vicious Cycle
Nameless One - Prime CD
"How long can this cycle go on?"

Susan Werner - So Heavy
Midwestern Saturday Night
"aint it heavy when you're holding up the cieling?"

Eileen McGann - Turn It Around
Turn It Around - DragonWing Music
"are you wishing in hope"

Susan McKeown - Jericho
Bones - Prime CD
"a band of angels came to me weeping in the night"

Jill Sobule - Resistance
I Never Learned to Swim - Beyond Music
"somewhere in France fighting traitors and fascists"

James Gordon - Robin Hood's Bay
Pipe Street Dreams - Wind River
"If things ever go our way"

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