Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday October 20 2001

Two decades ago: Greenwich Village

Last Saturday I attended a memorial for Jeff Hardy. I spent the end of the 70's and the first few years of the 80's sharing travelling, meals, apartments and his brother with him. Musicians appeared at Jeff's memorial that I had not seen in 10 or 20 years. I was brought back to days of attending Folk City before it closed, and then Speak Easy on MacDougal Street, which I started and ran in the early 80's. It was here that Jeff met his wife Suzanne, his future wife..

In the late 70's the Cornelia Street cafe hosted writer's nights. In the early 80's the musicians cooperative began producting the Fast Folk Musical Magazine, then called the Coop.  The Coop was separate from Speak Easy, but used the location for meetings and production. For more history of this time see the following setlist:

Today's Folk Plus is a nostalgic trip back in time to the voices that were nightly regulars around the MacDougal Street area  of the village. Cafe Figaro was a common after gig spot, ponchitos a popular before the gig meal. There are some I have no recordings for, Carolyn Mas as one of many dozens not here, so I appologize since this is not meant to be a complete list in any way.

Here goes!

Format:   Artist - Track Title
               Album - Label / Contacts
Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

Ed McCurdy

I'd like to go back to where I have been
If I could remember the where
But I don't remember a single thing
Just that I have really been there
So I guess I will never go back again ever
Go back to the where that I was
You might think that I feel that merrits a sigh
Your'e right I feel that it does
But I rally do like the where I am now
I do like the now that I'm in
But wherever the this wherever the that
But when the times comes to be
I'll begin

David Massengill - Blind Man / Black Swan
The Return - Plump

Phone interview with Michael McNevin who will be appearing tonight at the WJFF Folk Benefit.

Michael McNevin - Jersey Jail
Secondhand Story - self
Roches - We 
The Roches - Warner Bros 

Roches - Ponchertrain 

Jack Hardy - The Tailor 
Mirror of My Madness - Prime CD

Jack Hardy and Maggie Roche, 1980

Rod MacDonald - Stop the War
White Buffalo - Gadfly Records

Michael McNevin- Fuzzy Math

Willie Nininger - Proud to be A Moose
Almost Home - self- Live from the Bottom Line

Hugh O'Doherty - Through Their Eyes

Nancy Baxter - Terrarium
Touch & Go -

Frank Christian - Three Flights Up
From My Hands - Palmetto

Ilene Weiss - Joined in Laughter
Obliviously - Gadfly

Josh Joffen - Crazy Horse
David Roth & Josh Joffen

Suzanne Vaga - Cracking
Suzanne Vega - A&M Recording

Erik Frandsen - I Shot Jack laLane
Fast Folk Sept 82

Song Project - (B.Bachman) Vacation

Tom Intondi - (J. Hardy) Tree of Rhyme
White Album

Lucy Kaplansky -You Just Need A Home
The Tide - Red House

Shawn Colvin - Shotgun Down the Avalanche
Steady On - Columbia

Judith Zweiman - Heart on ice
Look at the Moon -

Cliff Eberhardt - Your Face
The Long Road - Windham Hill

Donna Summer, Nanci Griffith, Raul Malo - (Julie Gold) From a Distance
From a single of a performance for an overseas Olympics

Christine Lavin - Regretting What I Said
Future Fossils -   Philo

Andy Breckman - So Good So Far
Proud Dad - Gadfly

Mary Reynolds - Weller's Whiskey
Patience - self

This show will be added to the Chrisinte Lavin/Folk Plus cassette chain for future folk fans to share.

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