Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday October 27 2001

My 12 year old daughter approached me last night at the kitchen table where I sat with over 50 cds that have yet to be aired on Folk Plus.She wanted to discuss having a halloween party. I said I had my show to plan and now was not the time to discuss something which would take such planning. Then we both got the idea that she would help to compile the show. In fact, she looked at the pile of cds on the table and began screening the music with her 12 year old tastes. She compiled this list after spending hours and hours chosing what to air.

Her comments were:  "Sometimes it took me a really long time to chose because I loved most of of the tunes"
and "Sometimes it took me really long time to chose because I didn't like many of the tunes"
and "How do you do this every week!"

This morning when she got up and saw me typing up the list, I was trying to put them in the order I thought were her favorites were first. Her comment was "All the ones I picked, I liked. Mix up the order" Miranda is a string students and enjoyed the celtic flavored music. She also seemed to focus on the slow thoughtful stuff.

We have yet to talk about the halloween party.

 Format: Artist - Track Title   Album - Label / Contacts
(Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

Ennis Sisters - Lord of the Dance
Ennis Sisters -
Young women, early 20's from P.E.I. great harmony and energy with a traditional feel.

Ennis Sisters - Sorry
Ennis Sisters -

Dave Van Ronk - Green Green Rocky Road
Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary 4 CD Set
Sliced Bread Records -
Dave and Andrea C/0  Folklore Productions
1671 Appian Way Santa Monica CA 90401

Janis Ian - Society's Child
Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary 4 CD Set
Sliced Bread Records -

James Gordon - A Canadian Heritage Minute
Road Kill Hat - Pipe Street Records

Kitty Donohoe - No One on This Road
This Road Tonight - Roheen Records

Kitty Donohoe - A Murder of Crows
This Road Tonight - Roheen Records

Lucy Kaplanski - Don't Mind Me
Every Single Day - Red House Records

Rachel Bissex - Flying
Between the Broken Lines - One Take Productions

Pigatude - Soldier's Joy
When Pigs Fly! -

Kris Delmhorst - Garden Rose
Five Stories - Big Bean Music

Barra MacNeils - Nancy O
Racket In The Attic -Barratone

Marie Burns - Stepping Stone
Free Little Bird - Sure Thing Records

Lynn Harrison - My Messy House
Lynoleum - Uncomplicated Records

Annie Burns - Follow
Days In Italy - Art for Art's Sake Records

Billy Joe Shaver - Star in My Heart
Shaver - New West Records

Liz Queler - Shakespeare Avenue
No Small Wonder - Red Wall Records

Jimmy Landry - Spec of Dust
Life is Good - Independant Songwriter's Group

One Fell Swoop - Black Ice
Crazy Time - Magoo Records

Debi Smith - If You Don't Listen
Red Bird Red - Shanachie

Jeff Cannon - Indiana
Lights Out - Warm Lion records

Tabitha's Secret - Unkind
Don't Play with Matches - Pyramid/Orpheus
"pain gives me the right to be unkind"

Cathie Ryan - Rathlin Island
Somehwere Along the Road - Shanachie

Katy Moffatt - Me and My Uncle
Cowboy Girl - Shanachie

Abby Newton - My Love's Bonnie When She smiles on Me/Come Sweet Lass
Castles, Kirks and Caves - Redwing Music

Jill Sobule - Rock Me To Sleep
Pink Pearl - Beyond Records

Jesse Windchester - Humor Me
Live From Mountain Stage - Blue Plate

Dervish - Peigin Mo Chroi
Dervish Decade - Compass Records

Northern Lights - Road Goes On Forever
Another Sleepless Night - Prime CD

Our area is close to having "gaming". I am thinking about two hours on gambling, card games, etc. Any ideas out there I'll see what I can put together. Miranda wondered in this song, if the uncle had meant to instruct her to kill him. I said I didn't think so.

Katy Moffatt -(John Philips) Me and My Uncle
Cowboy Girl - Shanachie

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