Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday  2001

Listeners get a chance to respond to new releases

    Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday
          Invitation for folk interactive commentary.

Last week my 12 year old daughter planned Folk Plus from available cds that had recieved no air play. Today I'm invititing those of you listening, to e mail me here with your comments about several new cds slated for review. Its your chance to give your opinions on the new music I play today.  I will be on line to take your comments at Calls can be taken at 845 482 4141, although e mail is less derailing as I program.

Format:  Artist - Track Title   Album - Label / Contacts
(Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

I was planning to do a show against a horrible movie just coming out. Under the guise of letting a man see only the inner beaut;y of people, he only sees women, and he sees the inner beauty in the form of scantly clad babes. Spending years listening to despondant teens and even older people lament how truly  negative self image is, I am appaled that this would even be considered as a movie premise. Chris White, the first artist addresses self image with his cut "Red Riding Hood" where the grandma warns that many a wolf will want to mold anyone willing to let them. I invite your comments at or 845 482 4141

1. Chris White - Red Riding Hood
I'm A Poet and I'm Aware of It -
"Just as I am, I am perfectly fine"

2. Chris White - I'm A Poet and I'm Aware of It
I'm A Poet and I'm Aware of It -

3. Chris White - Hymn to Her
I'm A Poet and I'm Aware of It

4. Voices on the Verge - (Simpson) Hunger
Live In Philadelphia -RykoDisc

5. Voices on the Verge - (McKeown) Blackbirds
Live In Philadelphia -RykoDisc

6. Voices on the Verge - (Klein) House You're Living In
Live In Philadelphia -RykoDisc

7. Dan Hart - You Can Find Love
The Life Of Dan -

8. Dan Hart - Tofu Cowboy
The Life Of Dan -

9. Dan Hart - Ritalin
The Life Of Dan -
"All I want is an explanation"

10. Annie Gallup - Three Bills
Swerve - Prime CD

Thanks for today's show. I am running around getting ready for guests, but even hearing part of a song you know that is is good. Everyone so far has something in common. They are singing about things that are real. Thank you for everything I've heard.

11. Annie Gallup - Red Hair
Swerve - Prime CD
"This year all the girls have red hair"
"Chacqui'un ont les cheveux rouge cette annee"

12. Annie Gallup - Money
Swerve - Prime CD
"I really don't know where I'm going"

13. Jean Bratman - I Get It
Imperfect World - Berger Platters Records
"I've been begging you for more, now I'm going to get it"

14. Jean Bratman - Speak To Me
Imperfect World - Berger Platters Records
"You say Im a good listener, except when I'm not"
"Im sorry I talk, when you'd rather I'd hear"

15. Jean Bratman - Turn In the River
Imperfect World - Berger Platters Records

A caller from Hawley Pa. I love hearing more than one cut. Sometimes when I buy a cd after only hearing one tune, I don't like the rest." She said that if we didn't play it, she wouldn't hear it, because she is in a strange mountainous configuration that blocks other staitons. Nothing played so far was  unappealling. She laughed at the Tofu Cowboy.

16. Rachel Bissex - Sean Connery Looks
Between the Broken Lines - One Take Productions

17. Rachel Bissex - Down
Between the Broken Lines - One Take Productions

18. Rachel Bissex - (w. Tom Psada-Rao) One Another
Between the Broken Lines - One Take Productions

19. Eric Westbury - Next Showing of the BIg Picture
Walking Tracks- Barrel Town Records
"Is it possible to stop what has begun - I dont know
But I doiknow this..."

20. Eric Westbury - My Arch Nemesis the Snow
Walking Tracks- Barrel Town Records
""The guy behind me looks like Bukowski, mutters"
"How was I to know that all I'd see in front of me

21. Eric Westbury - Made of Wood
Walking Tracks- Barrel Town Records
"I crack I edges rot.."

22. Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito - Circles In Sand
Circles In Sand - Hudson Valley Records
" peace...don't tell me I'm dreaming"

 On their CD Ritter and Petito state "We dedicate this one to our friend  Rick Danko". A listener sent a confirmation that Fallen Angel was not by Ritter and Petito, but by Robbie Robertson and Martin Page. So right she is. Thanks.

23. Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito - (Page/Robertson) Fallen Angel
Circles In Sand - Hudson Valley Records

24. Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito - One Person
Circles In Sand - Hudson Valley Records
"I never hid a fear that he didn't find"
Beautiful tune about understanding and coping with loss

25. Kate MacLeod - Potter's Wheel
Feel The Earth Spin - Wind River

26. Kate MacLeod - Shadow Changes
Feel The Earth Spin - Wind River
"Broken dreams try my tired will"

27. Sloan Wainwright - Too Nice For Too Long
The Song Inside - Farkie Music
"She's going to put one foot in front of the other"

29. Sloan Wainwright - Wavelength
The Song Inside - Farkie Music

Appearing Locally
November 8th at the Night Eagle Cafe
30. Barra NcNeils - Misty Moisty Morning
Racket in the Attic - Barratone

This show will be added to the Chrisitne Lavin Folk Plus Cassette Chain.

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