Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday November 17 2001

New Cds to Folk Plus, attained from the North East Folk Alliance Conference

Last week I attended the North East Folk Alliance in Lake Harmony, Pa. WJFF can be heard in the parking lot of the main conference center there. During last week's show Anne Hills, Sue Trainer, Mark Moss and Ken Millet offered premiums from Mark's cell phone in the main hotel. When I got in my car to head to my hotel I tuned in WJFF in the car and was amazed to hear that  from pre-drive funds, Friday's on-air drive and so far Saturday we were 1/2 way towards our goal, usually reached by the week's end. It was to become our record time for a fund drive.

At the gathering were Dj's venue owners, performers, managers, labels, disc manufactorers, and those offering artwork for Cds. There were over 750 of us, with the vast majority being performers. I came back with many CDs and spent the week sorting to best match a dj at the station.  I can't play everything I kept today. Also, releases not mentioned here may have been given to Jesse -(more bluegrassy), Sonja (morning music, a farmer, soft singers), Maureen (closest to my setlist),  Maris (political, gay and lesbian) or Kae (World Music) Many artists gave me two releases making it possible to program for my show and give to a second dj or the station library. Check for the program schedule for their shows.

Many of those gathered had releases already aired on folk Plus: Darryl Purpose, Aengus Finnan... The following releases are new to Folk Plus.

Format:   Artist - Track Title
               Album - Label / Contacts
Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

1.  Da Vinci's Notebook - Title of the Song
The Life and Times of Mike Fanning -
An histerical template for writing a boy band tune
"Niave expression of love...

2.  Eileen McGann - Wisdom Guide Me
Beyond The Storm -
Dragonwing Music, British Columbia
"beyond the storm there's a bright joy shining"

3.  Greg Trafidlo - Tis the Season
Co-Writers In Disguise - //    Kira Records
"stoke the fires high, gather our forces for the long solstice night"

4.  Scott Cameron Smith - Poets and Painters
Poets and Painters -
"It's Poets and Painters and people like me who'll sing the songs that'll set your soul free"

5.  Zoe Lewis - Jacques Cousteau
Fishbone Wishbone Funnybone -
She says: "If you believe that things can be very important and very silly at the same time then you'll like these tunes."

6.  Kevin Briody - Walnuts & Rice
Familiar -
"this time he poured the nuts in first and the rice filled in the cracks"

7.  Barbara Phaneuf - Chips
Hat Full of Diamonds -
"I could kiss you and thank you very much but my lips are on fire"

8.  Greg Greenway - You Don't travel Like I Do
Something Worth Doing -Face Productions
"You don't need to be gone that way"

9.  Patricia Murray - I Courted A Wee Girl
Primrose - Atholl Productions PEI    -
"love was the cause of me ruin"

10.  Rachel Davis - Better Than Me
Minor League Deites - Aunt Farm Productions
* Sorry I did play this release before, but had it cued and risked too much dead air to change.

11.  Amy Fix - Closet
Spoon -
"Ive got the 'living in the closet' blues for every body elses sake"

12. David Rogers - Too Soon To Go
The Chase -//
Beautiful guiatar piece in memory of a friend who died young.

13.  Annie Wenz - Bungee Jumping
Poet's Dance - Gypsy Moon Rising
"bondage for jocks"

14.  Arlon Bennett - Have You Seen Me?
The Watch Man - Red Sea Records /Princeton NJ
"have you seen me in a picture on the wall?"
One of many thoughtful moving pieces on this release.

15.  Kate and CJ - Wish You Were Here
Get Home Early - Fletcher Records
"this is life, this is now"
Great if you like an Indigo Girls sound and thinking about lyrics.

16.  Hot Soup -  When The Cows Come Home
Kennedy Center Millennium Stage -

17.  Mark Berube - A Little Bit Deeper
Shut Up So I Can Play - //
"I suppose you never put 2 and 1.9 together"

18.  Grace Griffith - Searching For Lambs
Minstrel Song - Blix Street Records -
Douglie MacLean, Iris Dement and traditional tunes covered by a georgeous voice

19.  We're About 9 - Falling down
We're About 9 -//
A Young Trio from Baltimore
"I'm no expert on the subject, but I've heard the words below"

20.  Carol Ponder - Mercedes Benz
Little Journeys-

21.  Lori McKenna - Girl Like Me
Pieces of Me - Gyrox Records
"I'm sorry that you are lonely, but if you were everything you promised to be you wouldn't be in a place like this with a girl like me"

22.  Molly Pitcher - Folk Song
Watching the Rain - Elizabeth Records
"darling its not 1961" "try to write a song they'll want to play"

23.  Cletus Kennelly - Christopher
Thread -
"when you go home its time you find another way"

24.  Coyote Run -Coyote Run
Coyote Run -
"join us in our merryment"

25.  Mary Sue Twohy - (R.Thompson) How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
The Risk Involved - Azalea City Records

26.  Bookends - Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego
Bookends - Tone Soup Productions

27.  Urban Celtic - The Rights of Man
Urban Celtic -

28.  Pete Muller - Madman
Pete Muller -

29.  Da Vinci's Notebook - Ally McBeal
The Life and Times of Mike Fanning -

I had left a bag by the entrance to the tables and that was taken while I loaded my car. I am missing a few releases, but this is too large a gathering to appropriately cover in two hours anyway. Together we gathered money for Dave Van Ronk. E mail me at for details on helping out Dave or attending a benefit concert for him.

Now back to listening to what I had in my "listen to" pile before the Folk Alliance.

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