Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday November 24, 2001

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Format:   Artist - Track Title
            Album - Label / Contacts
(Theme:   Jay Ansill- "The Two Horizons"  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

Songs with color/colour
1. Kris Delmhorst -  Yellow Brick Road 
Five Stories - Big Bean Music 
"I'm not on no yellow brick road, got a heart and a mind and guts" 

2. Mark Islam - Gold Enough 
The Fine Print - self 
"Is it the Midas touch?...or is it guilded rust?" 

3. Chris White - Nothing Rhymes with Orange 
I'm A Poet and I'm Aware of It - self 
"no rhyme with orange, not even one" 

4.  Suzanne Vega - Songs in Red and Gray 
Sogs in Red and Gray - A & M Records 
"one piece of coral shone white" 

5. Cliff Eberhardt - Brave Little Grey
Mona Lisa Cafe - Shanachie
"Brave little grey, never did run away"

6. Aengus Finnan - Black is the Colour
Fool's Gold - Shelter Valley Productions
"Winters gone the leaves are green"
Liner notes mention a parting on the Red River Road.

7. Cheryl Hoenemeyer - Black Stallion
Dark Horse - self
"my handsome black stallion"

8. Rick Robbins with Rory Block -  Brown Eyes
Don't Deny My Name -  Seeds of Man Records
"I'll never love blue eyes again"

This song made me think of the famous case where a teacher spent 20 years supposidly researching how brown eyed people are far more intelligent that blue eyed people. She had files and research and pages and pages to back it up. What she really studied was the responce people had to this sort of labelling and discrimination. Good segue to Kate's.

9. Kate Long - Strange Aint It
Bigollady - Roane Records
"Why Can I not see the color of your heart"

10.  Small Potatoes - Violets are Red
Waltz of the Wallflowers - Wind River
"..and roses are blue"

11. Debi Smith - Red Bird Red
Red Bird Red - Shanachie
"Am I still in love with you, is a red bird red?"

12.  Maira Gillard - Red Dirt
Little Rose - Gizzy Music

13. Hot Soup - Red Dirt Road
Kennedy Center Millennium Stage - Souper Music Inc.
"down this red dirt road, I love the quiet"

14.  Deborah Holland - Faded Red Car
Book of Survival - Gadfly
"you'll never fix it, along wiht your other affairs"
"just when I thought I'd forget you there goes a faded red car"

15.  Annie Gallup - Red Hair
Swerve - Prime CD
"You've always had a thing for girls with red hair"

16. Too Much Yang - Red Wagon
Too Much Yang - Craven Maven Records

17. Bill Bourne & Sgannon Johnson - Red Moon
Dear Madonna - Rynde Records
"the moon rose red this evening, made a whole lot of people a little up tight"

18. Henning Kvitnes - Red HalfMoon
Heartland - Samso Records
"god's own tears"

19.  James  Keelaghan & Oscar Lopez - Red River Rising
Compadres - Jericho Beach Music
"His eyes were cold and blue"

20.  Wayne Greene - (Bob Coltman) Jack's Red Cheetah
Himself - Old Blevins Porductions
"..til the cold grey light of dawn"

21. Angie Heimann - The Sky is Red
Substantial Snacks - Cinnamon Bones Music
We need the rain, the farmers will be happy"

22. JohnSmith - Clear Blue Sky
To The Four Directions - Blue Pine Prod.
"In a world I painted black and white"

23. Bruce Cockburn - Incandescent Blue
Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws - Columbia
"White birds, sail on through"

24. Maria Sangiolo - Blue Earth
Blue Earth - Signature Sounds
"waiting for the hope of green"

25. Rex Fowler - Too Much Blue
Felctions of an Ame4ican Life -
"I paint myself into corners"

26. Irene Kelley - A Little Bluer Than That
Simple Path - Irk Records
"a big old sky above you"

27. Tanya Savory - Better Shade of Green
Better Shade of Green - So Real Records
"A Green eyed boy with a distant stare"

28. David Francey - Green Fields
Far End of Summer - Laker Music
"I used to be so proud, now its all undone"

29. Bruce Davies - Green Grow the Rashes
O'er the Border (16 songs of Scotland & the Scots) - Rothes Rec.
"The sweetest hours I e'er spent"

30. Artisan - White Horses
Dancing with Words -
"I will ride the white horses soon"

31.  Cindy Kallet - Red Spruce
This Way Home - Stone's Throw Music

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