Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday December 1,  2001

Card Playing and Gambling Songs (Thanks to Steve Richter, David Weide & John Lupton for their recordings)

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Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

On Halloween, (ha, halloween) George Pataki signed a bill in Monticello, 15 minutes from our station, to expand casino gambling in New York State. Scary? This signing cleared the way for three casinos in the Catskills and video lottery terminals at Monticello Raceway  "just 78 miles from millions of NYC pocketbooks".

Donald Trump was quoted as saying there would be massive legal tie ups. He predicted threats to Forestry or the NYC watershed may kill Catskill or at least delay casinos here. In November 1sts Time Herald Record, editor Barry Lewis' quotes Stanley and Sonny Smith of South Fallsburg's Smith Shoes don't think they'll see gambling here in their lifetime, but "it will keep the kids from leaving. It'll bring jobs. It'll give the kids a reason to stay"

By Nov 16th just two weeks later - the CEO for Parl Place Entertainment is seen walking around proposed casino sites at Kutshers.  The Burea of Indian Affairs gaming commission must OK the deal. then the Mohawks must negotiate with N.Y. State, and then the town of Thompson must give local approval. Headlines in that paper said "Casino construction predicted for 2002".

1.  Luck Be a Lady Tonight from Guys and Dolls

2. Peter Paul and Mary  - Stewball
The Best of Peter, Paul and Mary Ten Years Together - Warner Bros.
"The betting was heavy"

3. Rick Robbins with Rory Block - Roving Gambler
Don't Deny My Name - Seed of Man Records
Many versions of this from which to chose.

4. Darrly Purpose - Dangerous Game
Same River Twice - self
"Reward lives in the house of Risk"

Darrly was once a world famous and feared black jack player. He played Black Jack for a living. I e mailed him for a few quotes to add to this show. Here are a few of his answers:

"The difference between bj and music is that when you get good at black jack they
ask you to leave, and when you get good at music they ask you come back!"

My favorite 'Game' song might be Jules Shears "The Great Puzzle" but
Townes' Mr Mud and Mr Gold is pretty good...

"Christina Muir is the Queen of Hearts."

(Christina is a third of Hot Soup, who played live today)

5. George Strait - Ace in the Hole
Beyond the Blue Neon - MCA 1989
"You gotta have an ace in the hole"

6. Emmylou Harris - Son Of A Rotten Gambler
Cinmarron - Eminent
"Aint no kingdom for a gamblin' man"

7. Tex Ritter - Deck of Cards
Written by T. Texas Tyler 1948
Lyrics at

8. Rosie Flores - Somebody Loses, Somebody Wins
Honky Tonk Reprise - Rounder 1996
"When somebody's cheating"

9. Tom Russell - Gallo Del Cielo
Poor Man's Dream - Philo/Rounder  1992
"Tell my family dont worry I will not return to cause them shame"

10. Doc & Merle Watson (Merle Travis & Tex Willaims )- Smoke, Smoke, Smoke
Rocking Chair  -  Flying Fish
"He'd raise me and I'd raise him"

11. Tommy Duncan (Jimmy Rodgers) - Gambling Polka Dot Blues
"Drew an ace high hand"

12. Odetta - New Orleans
Lookin For A Home - M C Records
"I let a gambler lead me astray"
Odetta is appearing tonight in Mamaraneck
Bob Dylan said it was Odetta that lead him to folk music.

13. Bob Dylan - Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie
Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3

14. Mary McCaslin - Weaverville
Home on the Prairie - Philo
"A lady loves a gambler running loose running free"
"I would be my daddy's stake, If I would so agree"

15. Barbara Phaneuf - Hat Full of Diamonds
Hat Full of Diamonds - Ripe Tomoatoes Music
"There's only one hand left to play"

16. Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Fell Lucky
Come On Come On - Columbia
"The pots 11 million so I called in sick to work"

17. Carol Ponder - Black Jack Davy
Pretty Bird - Cove Strcuk Music

18.  Ewan MacColl's  - Card Song

19. . Katy Moffat - Me and My Uncle
Cowboy Girl - Shanachie
Hot Soup Live: 

Dance Around in Your Bones 

Dig Down Deep 


200 Miles 


Sentimental Journey 

Hot Soup at WJFF's Dam Site 
BET you can't resist!

An story aired later today on NPR called "the last hand" about poker during WWII bombings:

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