Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday  December 15, 2001

On December 1 the word-a-day email ( was sent to me by my brother Ian, who lives in Canada.

War is God's way of teaching Americans geography.
    -Ambrose Bierce, writer (1842-1914)

Hopefully war isn't what brings most of us to knowing a country or its location. Here is some worldly talk in song, some war, some not. Some seasonal, some not.

1.  David Rovics - From Kabul to Khartoum
Living in these Times -

2.  Toby Hughes, Saul Brody, Chuck Rosenberg - Ho Chi Minh Trail
In Country: Folk Songs of tAmericans in the Vietnam War - Flying Fish

3.  Hugh Blumenfeld - All The Wood of Lebanon
Strong in Spirit - Prime CD

4.   John McCutcheon - Christmas in the Trenches
Live at Wolf Trap - Rounder

 5. Tom Paxton/Anne Hills - (T. Russell) - Manzanar
Under American Skies - Appleseed

6.  Chava Alberstein - Passport Control (in yiddish)
Foreign Letters - ROunder

7.  Lui Collins - Saudade (Portuguese)
Leaving Fort Knox - Molly Gamblin Music

8.  Patricia Murray - Lowlands of Holland
Primrose - Athol Productions

9. Colores Andinos - La Bikina (Venezeulan)
Taki Ruru - self

10.  Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Foreign Nights (Working in Babylon)
Heat, Dust & Dreams - Capital Records

11. Berroguetto - Nadal de Luintra (Spain)
Celebration of Christmas around the world - Putumayo World Music

12. Barra MacNeils - Christmas in Kilarney
Chrismas Album - Barratone

13. Clannad - Mhaire Bruineall
Clannad in Concert - Shanachie

14.  Los Embajoadores Vallenatos - Diciembre (Colombia)
Celebration of Christmas around the world - Putumayo World Music

15. Banks Sountech Steel Orchestra - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Barbados)
Celebration of Christmas around the world - Putumayo World Music

16. Simple Gifts - Buchimish (Bulgarian)
Other Places, Other Times - Purple Finch Productions

17.  Albert and Gage - Un Flambeau Jeanette Isabelle (France)
One More Christmas - Moon House Records

18. Trail Band - Nutcracker Medley (Russian)
Making Spirits Bright - Trails End Production

19. Asne Valland Nordi - Kling No Klokka (Norway)
Celebration of Christmas around the world - Putumayo World Music

20. Trail Band - Medley: At the Hour of Midnight, Pat a Pan Riu Riu Chiu
(Puerto Rico, France and Spain)
Making Spirits Bright - Trails End Production

21. Trail Band - El Rorro (Mexico)
Making Spirits Bright - Trails End Production

22. George Dalaras - Pame Gi Allou (Greece)
Mediterrqanean Odyssey - Putumayo

23. Terry Allen, Guy Clark - Merry xmas on the Isthmus (Panama)
Salvation - Sugar Hill

24. David Massengill - Sightseer
The Return - Plump Records

25. Calic - Un Poeta (Italy)
Mediterrqanean Odyssey - Putumayo

26.  Bruce Cockburn -  The Huron Carol
Christmas - Columbia

27. Dave Carter/ Tracy Grammer - American Noel
Gentle Arms of Eden - Signature Sounds

History of "patriotic" songs read from Joel Mabus' folk dj post. Stating that the rockets red flares over Fort McHenryin our national anthem were Briatians, and were the latest military technology. The commandant had sworn that the British themselves would have to come and take down the American flag themselves. When the bombs stopped before dawn Francis Scott Key who was watching from  behind British lines, was trying to see if the flag was still flying. The poem "The Defense of Fort McHenry" by Key's was sung to the older drinking tune, "To Anachreon in Heaven."
28.  Eddie From Ohio - Star-Spangled Banner
9 11 Relief Single

29. George Winston - My Country Tis of Thee
Rememberence - Windham Hill

The poem "Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies" became "America the Beautiful" and used the tune of the hymn "Materna."
30. Eddie From Ohio - America The Beautiful
9 11 Relief Single

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