Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday February 2, 2002

Hour One: Homelessness


Sloan has a new, fabulous release of high energy with vocals that command attention at any volume.

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Format:   Artist - Track Title
               Album - Label / Contacts
Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

WJFF will be broadcasting the 5th Annual Homelessness Marathon ( this next tuesday, February 5th, from 8 pm to 6am live from Portland Oregan. Its a national call-in show. It features voices and stories of homeless persons from around the U.S. hosted by "nobody". Last year we had listeners camped outside the station, but I don't think "anyone" has planned on that this year.

1.  Eileen McGann - Turn it Around
(title cut) /

2. Ralph Mctell - Streets of London
Streets of London - Kicking Mule Records

3. Artisan - Hard Grund
Our Back Yard - Boing Records

4. Chris and Ken Whiteley - Homeless Man
Taking our Time - Borealis

5. Irene Kelley's - Constant state of grace
Simple Path -

6. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald - Daniel Lee
Unbroken Chain

7. Patty Larkin  - Ruby
Live in the Square - Philo

8. Dana Cooper- "Miracle Mile"
Miracle Mile

9. Lucinda Williams - Sidewalks of the City
Same Old World - Chameleon

10. Colcannon - Athens Hotel
Celtic Compliation - Oasis

11. Ellis Paul - Last at the Table
Stories - Philo

The following are from:
Silverwolf Homeless Project - SWCD-1002.
Silverwolf, RR1, Box 10, Thetford Center, VT, 05075-0701
"Eliminating homelessness is like eliminating ignorance.  You don't do it all at once.  You do it one person at a time."   (From the liner notes
12.  Invisible Lady, Cheryl Wheeler

13.  Noah Nelson, Ken Gaines

14   Room Here for Another, John McCutcheon

15   Just a Bum, Greg Brown

16   Picnic, Bill Morrissey

17  William and Fred, Jon Ims

18.  Driftwood, Tom Prasado-Rao

Sloan Wainwright Live

Sloan is playing locally NEXT WEEKEND, at the Western Hotel.
Main Street Callicoon, 8 pm. A photo of the hotel and directions are at the tail of our next benefit concert promo at (More on that later.)

Sloan and her guitarist Stephen Murphy spent an hour at the studios as an open house crowd gathered in the second room. We slid right from Tom Prasodo-Rao's cut into her singing of Too Nice For Too Long.

Sloan will be at summersongs later this month with Penny Nichols and David Roth. summersongs
Read the full interview at:
The Song Inside CD Cover

Sloan's new release of 13 originals 
is a great mixture of high energy with rock flavoring to intence vocals that command attention at any volume.

      Played during Folk Plus today: 

          Too nice for Too Long (Live) 

    Wavelength (live) 

    You are the Feast - CD 

    Song Inside - CD 

    Illinois (Live) 

    Summertime (Live)

    I Stand Up - CD

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