Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday August 10 , 2002

WJFF hosts grassroots radio conference!!

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Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

Community Radio and  TV working together

Today's Folk Plus features the 7th Annual Grassroots Radio Conference and it's Friday night keynote speaker, Dee Dee Halleck. Dee Dee is a media activist, founder of Paper Tiger Communication at the University fo California at San Diego. She wrote Hand Held Visions: the Impossible Possibilities of Community Media. Most recently she worked on develpoing a tleebision version of Democracy Now, the daily national news program with Amy Goodman. This series is currently being uplinked to community stations around the country through the Deep Dish Satelite Network and Fee Speech TV. Amy introduced Dee Dee Friday night. Full text at:
or Dee Dee Halleck.
Amy introduces Dee Dee Halleck, media activist.
movie and movie maker - media activism

Dee Dee talks about independant radio, photography, newspapers, all coming together  beginning with covering the WTO in seattle... discovering Paper Tiger and Deep Dish TV and how many have been affected from Cuba to Kerds. Representatives from two stations in California spoke and there was music from Alicia Littletree and SONiA. We all agree that free speech can't be taken for granted.

Alicia Littletree - (Alice De Muesli ) Jui Bari

Alicia Littletree - Alice De Muesli- Judi Bari

SONiA Live - Washington Work Song
"I cover it up to get you to fight in my wars"
"The truth is I am my own enemy"
"Got to make it look good..."

SONiA Live - I am the Enemy
"I never wanted a castrophe, but my mom said turn on your skys were raining with four burning planes"  "Yeah, I'm the enemy"  "thank god for freedom and red, white and blue.."

SONiA Live - (a little bit of)  Fifth Fret

SONiA Live - Me Too
"I'll stand up for freedom every chance I get"
America shines in front of me...raise this flag for too
shhhhhh....everybody has a war

Dar Williams - Are You Out There
Honesty Room -

James Gordon -Back before WalMart
Mining For Gold - Borealis

New Middle Class - Buy One, Get One Free
New Middle Class - self

Berrymans - Stuff Song
Some Kinda Funny - Cornbelt Records
paint, tape, tools, ties, books, spray.."why in a world full of hungry and sick do I need ...soap on a rope"

Pat Humphries - Bound For Freedom
Hands - Appleseed
" here I go bound for freedom, may my truth take the lead
not the preacher, not the congress, not the millionare but me"

Anne Feeney - Have You Been To Jail For Justice?
Have You Been To Jail For Justice? -
"you're in good company...I want to shake your hand"

David Rovics - Who Will Tell the People

"I think that the struggle for the airwaves for the Pacifica network is one of the most important things going on in the country today becasue it really represents the struggle for the hearts and minds of the people.  If we can't communicate to people we are not going to be able to reach them. This is about that and what they are not telling us, and why we need shows like Democracy Now...."

Again I want to say how honored I feel to spend two hours at this mic and not be controlled by any management here. Hundreds are on their last legs because of copyright rulings requiring royalties for webcasting. I can't even keep up with it.  The gathering of public radio and tv and independant media at Seattle is a possitive step.

Eileen McGann - No Country's Law
Beyond the Storm - DragonWing Music
"if you try to stop them they'll sue"

Heading to Canada next weekend for a festival.

Tamarack - We Owe It To the Pioneers
13 - Folk Era
"...To take this country back"

Saturday night's key speakers were Granny D and Pete Seeger.
Also a phenomenal night of thinkers and thinking.

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