Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday October 26, 2002

James Keelaghan and Cosy Sheridan programmed today's Folk Plus

Theme:   Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

Last week I attended the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals , hosting a panel on radio airplay. Here is a link to the tips I outlined for the workshop:   The panel included: Sonny Ochs, Chopper McKinnon, Mike Regenstreif and Bill Stunt.  In attendance were venue operators, musicians, and labels.I had a great time.

Ian Tamblyn was honored at a gala dinner on Saturday night.  His new release Voice in the Wilderness is really beautfiul. When I reviewed it for Sing Out last spring, I had trouble taking it off my player to move onto other disks.  James Keelaghan noted during his interview (link below) that this recognition of Tamblyn is long overdue.

Tursday of this week, I hosted Cosy Sheridan at a new area venue.  On Friday I interviewed James Keelaghan who was playing at Bodles. James has planned the first hour of Folk Plus. Cosy Sheridan chose the second hour.

James Keelaghan - October 70
Home - Appleseed

Ian Tamblyn - Tiger Lily Road
Voice in the Wilderness - North Track Records

James and Angela after the Bodles show
Read the complete interview with James at my Interviews page. Here's the setlist chosen by James:

David Francey - Saints and Sinners
Torn Screen Door - Laker Music

Stephen Fearing - The Longest Road
Assassin's Apprentice -


Scruj MacDuhk - The Ramling Irishman
The Road to Canso, self-release

Ian Tyson - Four Strong Winds
Ian & Sylvia, Four Strong Winds - Vangaurd Records

Tanglefoot - Secord's Warning
Music in the Wood  - Tanglefoot

Ian Robb  - They are taking it away
From Different Angels - Fallen Angle Music

Joni Mitchell -River
Blue Album - Lyrics

James wanted Eileen's Isabell, but I couldn't find the CD Heritage, so I played the following instead, having been born in Northumberland, I am partial to it:

Eileen McGann - Fair Flower of Northumberland
Turn It Around - CAD Vision Records

Jesse Winchester - That's What Makes You Strong
Gentleman Of Leisure - Sugar Hill Records
(replacement for Talking Memphis which I didn't have)

Setlist chosen by Cosy :

Cosy and friends at the Theatre Cafe in Liberty, NY
Sloan Wainwright - Too Nice For Too Long
The Song Inside - Farkie

Geoff Bartley - One Kind Word
One Kind Word - Waterbug

Bob Franke - After the Fall
In This Night - Flying Fish

 Tom Payne - Thirty Pieces of Silver
Ten Lucky Pennies - Waterbug

Kate Campbell - Look Away
Rosaryville - Compass

Kat Eggleston - Home
Second Nature - Waterbug

Pierce Pettis - Stickman
Chase the Buffalo - High Street Rec.

Cindy Kallet - Wings to Fly
Working On Wings To Fly - Folk-Legacy

David Roth - Spacesuits
Digging Through my Closet - Folk Era

Bernice Lewis - Soon As It Stops Raining
Isle of Spirit - Blue Bhikku

Connie Kaldor - Relax
Out of the Blue - Coyote Ent.

Chuck Pyle - Here Comes the Water
Step By Step - Bee n Flower Music

Richard Shindell - Next Best Western
Reunion Hill - Shanachie

Derek Bell - Bantighearna Dhioluin
Carolan's Favourite - Shanachie

Onto Pacifica coverage of Stop the War Before It Starts...already in progress. Live from Washington DC and San Francisco.

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