Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday November 16, 2002

Taking advantage of the hundreds of talented musicians gathering locally for the annual North East Regional Folk Alliance, and borrowed four acts for today's Folk Plus

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Aengus Finnan All About Buford Zoe Lewis Rod MacDonald

Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

1. David Francey - Paper Boy
Far End of Summer -
followed by Beth Girdler: "This is WJFF, hydro-powered radio, and that fellow you just heard was my husband, David Francey"

2. Aengus Finnan - Rolling Home
North Wind - Borealis
"4 in the morning his wheels hit the gravel..." (Aengus walked in as his last chorus )

3. Aengus Finnan Live: My Heart Has Wings
4. Ruins
5. One Hand on the Radio (Caddick/Bond)
6. Gordon Lightfoots Shield to Shoreline

7. All About Buford - Supercar
Supercar -

All About Buford Live:
8. Shackles
9. Summertime

Bill Hahn of WFDU of Fairleigh Dickinson University calls in with details from the North East Folk Alliance. He was on his way to the workshop that Oscar Brand and Gene Shay will be moderating on words you can't say on the radio.
Eve Goldberg of Toronto said that she  went to a really great workshop with Paul Reisler of Trapezoid, who talked about melody writing. Mark Corso, a DJ from New Brunswick New Jersey called in to give our WJFF station ID.

Mark: I think what singer songwriters are doing today is marvelous and it has to be put out there. My show is mostly singer songwriter. They really excite me the way they put words together. Its amazing isn't it? With all the words out there, people are still coming up with fresh and unique ideas. They are the philosophers of today.

All About Buford Live:
10. How Deep is your love
11. Nowhere and Everywhere

Zoe Lewis Live:
12. Gringos!
13. Snow White Says the F Word
14. When The Developers Came to Tea

14. Debra Cowan - Johnny be Fair
Long Grey Line -

15. Rod MacDonald - 6 Strings and a Hole Big and Round
Out of the Blue - Gadfly

Here I had calls from Chris White, the Artistic director of the Ottawa folk festival and the Executive Director of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, and Erin Benjamin.

Rod MacDonald Live:
16. You Who Sleep Beside Me
17. For the Good of the Country
18. Peace

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