Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday January 4, 2003

New Year/Old Songs

Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

I was asked recently by station managers when the anniversary of my show would be. Its not a simple answer for I first was involved with producing WJFF's "Chidren's Corner" weekly through 1992 and 1993. It followed Folk Plus every saturday.

Then, on March 13th 1993 a storm had left a foot of snow in Mississippi and was predicted to drop more than 3 feet in our area. Winds of 50-60 mph would cause blinding white outs and drifting. Wind chills were predicted around -70 degrees.
I called WJFF hoping that Folk Plus was going on the air, since I knew the dj had a long drive. Richard Levine had been there since 5 am and asked, "Can YOU get out of your driveway?" I could. I told him I usually taped shows in production and had little experience live. All I knew how to do live was talk and alternate cd 1 and 2 machines. That was it. RIchard said "Good enough!" and asked me to come in so that he could leave.

I went in with my own CDs which is still my practice, and covered until Folk Plus' host Dan Laibstain came in late. With two DJs we called it Folk Plus Plus. At that time Folk Plus was only an hour and a half.  By the end of that year I was hosting on alternating weeks with Dan who was happy to not make his hour and a half trip so often. Then sometime in early 1996, Dan left altogether and I took over doing Folk Plus every week. By the end of 1997 the show became two hours.

I have a tape of that 1993 show, and a few others then where I filled in for Dan. Here are samples of what I was playing back then.

1. Lightfoot - Sit Down Young Stranger
If You Could Read My Mind - Reprise

2. Lui Collins - Endless Mile
Made in New England - Green Linnet

3. Hugh Blumenfeld - Brothers
Strong in Spirit - Prime CD

4. Spirit of the West - Profiteers
Labour Day - Stony Plain Records

5. Claudia Schmidt - Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing/Mountain Field
Closing the Distance - Flying Fish

6. Song Project (F.Christian) Where Were You Last Night
Song Project

7. Paul Siebel - Louise
Paul Siebel - Philo

8. Laura Smith - Works Great on Paper
Laura Smith - self

9. Greg Brown - Who Would Have Thunk It
In the Dark With You - Red House

10. James Keelaghan - Fires of Calais
Timelines - Dirty Linen

11. Clannad - Mo Mhaire
Clannad - Shanachie

12. Electric Bonsai Band - Nobody Loves You Like You Do
I Am Joe's Eyes - Yellow Tail Records

13. Patty Larkin - Me, Me, Me
In the Square - Philo

14  Garnet Rogers - Small Victory
Small Victories - Snow Goose

15. Lucinda Williams - He Never Got Enough Love
Sweet Old World - Chameleon

16. Mangsen, Hills, Herdman - Katy Cruel
Voices - Flying Fish

17. Trout Fishing in America - Proper Cup of Coffee
Big Trouble - Trout Records

18. Roches - Ing
Dove - Warner Bros.

19. Lynn Miles - It's Gone
Chalk This One Up to the Moon - self

20. Christine Lavin - Prisoners of their Haridos
Compass - Philo

21. Eileen McGann - Requiem (for the Giants)
Turn it Around - Dragon Wing

22. Cliff Eberhardt - I'm Not Quite Over You
You are My Home - Shanachie

23  Indigo Girls - Galileo
Rites of Passage - Epic

24. Smith Sisters - (Mondlock) Fire of Change
A Canary's Song - Flying Fish

25. David Roth - Rising in Love
Rising in Love - Flying Fish

26. Artisan - Breathing Space
Breathing Space - Festival Records

27. Jacob's Renunion - Ontario
Jacob's Reunion -

28. Rankin Family - Ho Ro Mo Nigean Donn Bhoidheach
North Country - EMI Music Canada

29. Pierce Pettis - (M.Hurd) Nod After Coffee
Chase the Buffalo - High Street Records

30. Cindy Kallet - Working on Wings to Fly
Working on Wings to Fly - Folk Legacy Records

31. Robin and Linda Williams - Rhythm of Love
Rhythm of Love - Sugar Hill

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