Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday January 11, 2003

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Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons
               Origami - Flying Fish

In tomorrow's N.Y. Times Greg Brown will be quoted about songwriting. " I never had any illusion I was writing them. I do my push-ups and sit-ups and try to be ready when they come. If the day comes when the well is dry, I¹ve got a lot of things I¹d rather do. And if the songs stop coming, I¹ll think, well, maybe they¹re out there bothering someone else." Here are some songs bothered other people from CDs I enjoyed last year.

Eileen MacGann - Wisdom Guide Me
Beyond the Storm - Dragonwing

Eileen MacGann - No Country's Law
Beyond the Storm - Dragonwing

Aengus Finnan - Last Dance
Northwind - Borealis

Aengus Finnan - Ruins
Northwind - Borealis

Sloan Wainwright - You are the Feast
Song Inside - Farkie Music

Sloan Wainwright - Falling Backwards
Song Inside - Farkie Music

Cath Mundy-Jay Turner - Refugee
Crooked House - Gypsy Records

Kristina Olsen - Hey I Want That Back
All Over Down Under - Take a Break

Kristina Olsen - Better Than TV
All Over Down Under - Take a Break

JohnSmith - Appalachian Rain
Traveler -

JohnSmith - Love's Worth Fighting For
Traveler -

Antje Duvekot - Long Way
Little Peppermints -

Antje Duvekot - Anna
Little Peppermints -

Heidi Muller - Gypsy Wind
Gypsy Wind -

Kasey Chamber - Not Pretty Enough
Barricades and Brickwalls - Warner Bros

Zoe Lewis - Lullaby on 24th and Mission
Fishbone Wishbone Funnybone-

Zoe Lewis - When the Developpers Came to Tea
Fishbone Wishbone Funnybone-
SAT JAN 18th    The Joyous Life Center, NYC 8pm
119 W.23rd suite 700  212-352-9910  $10 split w/ALL ABOUT BUFORD

Ian Tamblyn - Yellow Iris Yellow Raincoat
Voice in the Wilderness - North Track Records

Ian Tamblyn - Yellow Iris Yellow Raincoat
Voice in the Wilderness - North Track Records

Lynn Miles - Brave Parade
Unravel - Okra

Annie Burns - Days in Italy
Days In Italy - Philo

Jennifer Noxon - Lay Your Burden Down
Sweet -

James Gordon - Another Big Box Store
One Timeless Moment - Borealis

Ellis Paul - Seventeen Septembers
Sweet Mistakes-

Uncle Earl - (Phillips) Orphan Train
She Went Upstairs - Detroit Radio Co.

Susan Werner - Barbed Wire Boys
New Non-Fiction -

Vance Gilbert - Waiting for Gilligan
One thru Fourteen - Louisiana Red Hot

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