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Folk Plus Febraury 15, 2003
WJFF volunteers call in from the streets of NYC from the peace rally as we continue our fund drive
Many called to praise our station today, as we aired NYC activities saying that that they were unable to see or hear anything on MSNBC, CNN, or in any other media today.

John McCutcheon - The List

Hot Soup - (Joel Mabus) Duct Tape Blues
Hot Soup! -

Amy Martin - It's About Oil
"Its about rich white men getting richer"

Les Barker - Go, Stay, Fetch
Up the creek without a poodle - Mrs. Ackroyd Records
The station has many animal lovers that pledge in honor of their pets. Les, from Manchester England, lead me to air Jacey Bedford from Artisan interviewing Ian Smith, President of the British Musicians' Union. Together they  explained the legislation in Britain regarding  "Two in a Bar" rule. In England and Wales - if you have more than two musicians you need to purchase a public entertainment permit granted by local authorities. Every owner of liquor chains will decide if they will have such a permit for their premises. The folk club circuit will be hit hard. Penalties would be 20 thousand pounds and 6 months in jail. (I wondered if those jailed could sing.)

Peter Dyer - Chickenhawk

Pete Morton - Two Brothers

Beau Friedlander, dropped by the station unexpectedly, offering copies of two new books for premiums: War on Iraq : What Team Bush doesn't want you to know - Scott Ritter (former UN inspector) and Target Iraq - Norman Soloman (policy and media expert) These books explore how the media allows the White House to trample forward with war preparations.  Walter Cronkite was to write the introduction, but the book took some radical turns that Walter Cronkite didn't want, so Howard Zinn and Sean Penn wrote some notes instead.  Many called to grab copies of the book for pledges.

Martyn Joseph - The Good In Me is Dead

At noon, we switched to P.R.I with Amy Goodman's coverage of the NYC protests and other protests round the world: The world says No to War, 10 million people across the globe. Veterans for Peace, Jamie Vasquez ...Richie Havens ...  representatives from 2 million who have walked in the UK. in the "British stop the war" Susan Sarandon, Harry Belefonte, Martin Luther King IIIrd, speakers from London, India, Iraq, Italy....a truly amazing world gathering today.

We had many WJFF reporters call in with cell phones. We heard through their phones as crowds pushed over barricades set up on First Avenue near 62nd street. Maris Hearn (Thursday night host of Gumbo Shop) biked to the 61st and First, biked up from Union Square and biked north. She said people have taken over first and third avenue. Only at 36th street were they able to come over to First Ave. She reported "pens" that were made up and police gathered people into pens and restricted people from moving. She told us to pass on the warning people should not head down on the subway for if you head for 42nd street they were not able to surface. She recommended getting out much further away and walking in.

Over 60 streets up the avenues...were full. Many others called in as we heard the excitement. Our local Sullivan Peace gave a matching pledge helping boost our income. Callers during the peace songs and NYC coverage called us a "lighthouse" in the area, reporting that no news on television was covering this at all. One woman who had a teen son down in NYC at the rally said that she felt it was a life line to what he was experiencing. A couple called to say that all day on MSNBC there were only two sentences about the rally in NYC in their coverage.  Once the peace rally coverage ended, the phones did not stop ringing. I usually go home about 1:15pm. Today I didn't leave til after 4:30 answering phones. People were so grateful. Local protests occured in Honesdale, PA, and in Liberty NY.

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