The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Folk Plus Saturday April 5, 2003
Sing Out Spring 2003 Review Highlights

Artist - Cut
CD - Label
"Comment from SIng Out."

1. Andy & Denise - South
Go - Gemini Records
"strong vocals and guitar. Listeners comfortable with David Wilcos and
Eddie from Ohio will make familiar guitar and vocal connections"

2. Sue Pyper - Before You Learn To Fly
Before You Learn to Fly - Sue Pyper
She has a good ear for covers and will, no doubt, provide us with
further quality originals."

3. Aengus Finnan - Ruins
North Wind - Borealis
"He hasn't been at this long enough to be this good"

4. Holly Near - Simply Love
And Still We Sing - Calico Tracks
"If there were a nobel prize for music, clearly, Holly Near would receive it"

5. McVitties - Without You
Love Letters -
"awaken memories of those first romantic emotions"

6. Nancy White - "I sweep the Sidewalk with the Hose"
Stickers on Fruit - Borealis
"has few peers in the art of satirical song"

7. Eric Bogle - Daniel Smiling
Colour of Dreams - Greentrax
"...several songs that will move many listeners to tears. "Daniel
Smiling" tells the true story of an abused three-year old boy who was
beaten to death by his stepfather"

8. Kate Campbell - Yellow Guitar
Monuments - Large River (although this cut was recorded live in my car using the lighter battery)
"Kate Campbell continues to mine her memories of growing up in the deep
south during the civil rights era...richly drawn stories."

9. Andrew Calhoun - Day In Night Out
Tiger Tattoo - Waterbug
"passionate love song which Calhoun wrote while still a teenager"

10. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald - (Guthrie) I've Got To Know
Fool's Paradise - Freewheel
"Vocal dissenters and strong supporters of animal rights, they have no
trouble finding topics for songs."

11. Stephen Fearing - Finest Kind
That's How I walk - Philo
"blues, rock and folk, all found here" "one of the strongest songwriters
on the circuit"

12. Billy Jonas - Pharoah Pharoah
What Kind of Cat Are You? - Bang a Bucket
"To survive in the children's music field you must be able to appeal to the
parents, too."

13. Madeline King - Lonelytown
Feet on the Ground - Madeline King
"showcases her voice beautifully"

14. The McKrells - Hit the Ground Running
Hit the Ground Running - Draguin
"an intriguing mixture of Celtic and bluegrass with a dash of gypsy"

15. Harvey Reid - Dreamer or Believer
Dreamer or Believer - Woodpecker
"A 2 CD retrospective that includes on instrumental and  one song
recorded in each of the 20 years spanning 82-01.

16. Annie Clark - Mud Over Matter
Big Water - Annitime
"nicely captures the feel of summertime folk festivals"

17. Kate Rusby - Bold Riley
10 - Compass
"gentle magic for 10 years" "live, remastered, or new versions"

18. Terence Martin - All the Bricks in Baltimore
Sleeper - Good Dog
"Terence has a magnificent ability to express emotions and feelings

19. Kate McCleod/ Kat Eggleston- Drawn From the Well
Drawn from the Well - Wind River
"They bow, hammer, pluck and pick their way through five insturumentals."

20. Bruce Piephoff - Myrtle Beach Rag
Hard Times for Dreamers - Flying Cloud Records
Since he did not include lyrics, and this was mentioned in Sing Out, I played the instrumental.

21. Suzanne McDermott - The Devil
The Glory - Rosema Red
"McDermott is one hundred percent original"

22. Adam Brodsky - Uncivil Rights
Hookers, Hicks & Heebs
"a welcome balm to depressed Democrats"

23. Garnet Rogers - Next Turn of the Wheel
All That Is: - Red House
"He sings with glorious baritone voice that ghoes straight to the heart"

24. Ani Defranco -So Much Shouting/ So Much Laughter - Righteous Babe
"Two Discs, Both Live. Each cut is thick with thought. Two hours of
attitude...daring, effusing, exposing, armed with rage, framed by
intelligence and wound loosely by jazz, folk and talk: lots of talk."

25. Bill Haley -  Already Someplace Warm
Mistakes Were Made -

26. Mammals - Profit
Evolver- Humble Abode Music

From Songs From Sing Out! v47#1
(a compilation offered to subscribers:)

27. Sieze the Day (Theo Simon) -  Ned Ludd

28. Sara Grey - Blue Mountain Lake