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Folk Plus Saturday April 12, 2003

"Juno Winners and Nominees"

The 32nd Juno Awards were last Sunday April 6, 2003. Currently there are over a hundred categories. These awards began in 1970,  when organizers Stan Klees and Walt Grealis, who published RPM, a weekly music trade publication, held the Gold Leaf Awards in the St. Lawrence Hall in Toronto. (from

A year later, the event changed its name to the Juno Awards, at the suggestion of reader Hal Philips, who asked that the magazine honour Pierre Juneau, the then head of the CRTC, which had implemented the Canadian Content Regulations in 1971. When it was discovered that Juno had been the Chief Goddess of the Roman Pantheon, the spelling was changed and the awards permanently named.

The Junos remained exclusively an industry event for the next few years but, in 1975, they assumed a much higher profile when they were telecast for the first time and the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences / L'academie canadienne des arts et des sciences de l'enregistrement(CARAS) was established to handle the event, working with all segments of the music industry in Canada.

Roots & Traditional Solo Winner 2003

1. Lynn Miles  - Unravel
Unravel  - True North/Universal

also nominated that year

2. Stephen Fearing - Glory Train
That's How I Walk - Philo
(Fearing was also nominated in 1998 for  Industrial Lullaby on True North/Universal)

3. Lynn Miles  - Over You
Unravel  - True North/Universal

Roots & Traditional Solo Winner  2002

4. David Francey - Paperboy
Far End of Summer. Lake Music/Festival

also nominated that year

5. Penny Lang - Waiting For A Train
Gather Honey - Borealis

6. Eileen McGann - Bonny Susie Cleland
Beyond the Storm Dragonwing/Festival

7. David Francey - Green Fields
Far End of Summer. Lake Music/Festival

Best New Country Artist/Group Winner 2002
8. Ennis Sisters - Never Puts his Fiddle Down
The Ennis Sister-

Roots & Traditional Solo Winner  2000
9. Bruce Cockburn - Last Night of the World
Breakfast In New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu -True North/Universal

Roots & Traditional Album  Solo Winner  1994
10. James Keelaghan  - Kiri's Piano
My Skies - Green Linnet/Festival

11. James Keelaghan - Abraham
My Skies - Green Linnet/Festival
(Keelaghan also nominated in 1996 for A Recent Future  - Justin Time/Fusion III)

Also nominated in 1996
12. Laura Smith - Shades of Your Love
B'tween The Earth And My Soul  - Atlantica/EMI

13.  Laura Smith - Duine Air Call
B'tween The Earth And My Soul  - Atlantica/EMI

Roots & Traditional Solo Winner  1997
14.  Fred Eaglesmith Title drive-in movie  Label Vertical/Festival
Fred Eaglesmith - (on that cd, but not that cd) I Like Trains
Ralph's Last Show - Signature Sounds

1999 - Best Country Group or Duo (Winner)
1998 - Best New Group (Winner) & Best Instrumental Artist(s) of the Year (Winner)
1998 - Nomination for Best Roots & Traditional Album - Group
15. Leahy - The Call To Dance
Leahy -  Virgin/EMI

Roots & Traditional Solo Winner  1998 - Group
16. James Keelaghan & Oscar Lopez  - Red River Rising
Compadres Label -  Jericho/Festival

Nominated for Best Roots & Traditional Album 2002  - Group
17. The Brothers Cosmoline - Motel 6
Songs of Work & Freedom  - Bobby Dazzler/Outside

Nominated for Best Roots & Traditional Solo 1999
18. Gordie Sampson - (Sinead Lohan) Sailing By
Stones - Turtlemusik

Nominated for Best Roots & Traditional Album 2002  - Group
19. Undertakin' Daddies - Isabell
Post Atomic Hillbilly  - Caribou/Festiva

20. Matapat Title Petit fou Label Borealis/Festival
Matapat - Le Champs De Pois
Petit fou Label - Borealis/Festival

Nominated for Best Roots & Traditional Album 2001  - Group
21. Barra MacNeils -Title  Racket In The Attic  -Label Barratone/SongCorp
Barra MacNeils - Misty Moisty Morning
Racket In The Attic  - Barratone/SongCorp

Nominated for Best Roots & Traditional Album 2000  - Group
22. ScrüJ MacDuhk - The Maid Who Sold Her Barley
The Road To Canso  - ScrüJ Tones/Festival

Nominated Best Roots & Traditional Album 1996  - Group
23. Wyrd Sisters - 3000 MIllion
Inside The Dreaming - Wyrd/Festival

Nominated Best Roots & Traditional Album 1998  - Group
24. Wyrd Sisters - Same Old Story
Raw Voice - Wyrd/Festival

(2002 nominated 3rd time  The Wyrd Sisters -  Sin & Other Salvations  - Label Wyrd Records/Festival)

Roots & Traditional Group Winner 1991
25. Bill Bourne & Alan MacLeod - The Turkey (take him down)
Dance & Celebrate - Rynde Records
(1997 Nominated Bill Bourne & Shannon Johnson for Victory Train Label  Festival lost to McGarrigles)

Roots & Traditional Group Winner 1997 & 1999
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Title Matapedia (WINNER) Label Hannibal/Rykodisc/ Denon
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Title The McGarrigle Hour (WINNER) Label Hannibal/Rykodisc/Outside
26. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Green Green Rocky Road
The McGarrigle Hour- Label Hannibal/Rykodisc/Outside

Roots & Traditional Solo Winner 2003
27. Lynn Miles  - I'm the Moon
Unravel  - True North/Universal

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