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Folk Plus for Saturday April 26, 2003
Meet ten artists up closer than a cut each.
With a soft sell voice McNevin brings the innocence and wonder of our young lives into any song.

1. Michael McNevin - Margaret 1956
In the Rough - self

2. Michael McNevin - Bully
In the Rough - self

3. Michael McNevin - Hob Thrasher
In the Rough - self

Laurie has a young voice, but writes with adult messages.

4. Laurie McClain - I Wanna Be Like You
Child Behind My Eyes - self

5. Laurie McClain -Only Four
Child Behind My Eyes - self

6. Laurie McClain - (Wolf) These Times We're Living In
Trumpet Vine - Self

Darryl was a professional black jack player, turned to folk music. Hollywood is toying with a story on his life.
His eyes will nail you from the stage and you understand his strenghts clearly.

7. Darryl Purpose - Dangerous Game
Same River Twice - self

8. Darryl Purpose - Traveller's Code
Traveller's Code - Tangible Records

9. Darryl Purpose - (Carter) River Where She Sleeps
Crooked Line - Tangible Records

What hasn't she done. Actress, writer, dj, producer, and cheerleader for the spreading of good folk music.

10. Christine Lavin - Sensitive New Age Guys
Attainable Love - Philo

11. Christine Lavin - Victim/Volunteer
Attainable Love - Philo

12. Christine Lavin - All You Want
In Love With A Difficult Man - RedWing Records

This is a great new album from a man who is quickly rising as a talented political voice in the folk world.

13.  Joe Jencks - Rise As One
I Hear Your Voice - Turtle Bear Music

14. Joe Jencks - Saro Wiwa
I Hear Your Voice - Turtle Bear Music
Ken Saro-Wiwa, 1941-1995 protested against the destruction of his tribe's lands by Western oil companies and was executed by the military dictatorship in Nigeria

15. Joe Jencks - Men Are Good
I Hear Your Voice - Turtle Bear Music

This couple have amazing musical talents, and put them towards justice and the earth's health.
16. Magpie (Greg Artzner, Terry Leonino)- Sara Wiwa
Give Light - Sliced Bread Records

17.  Magpie (Greg Artzner, Terry Leonino)- We Belong to the Earth
Seed On The Prairie -Long Tail Records

This band from Kingston Ontario really have the campfire lake sing ing circles. They are talented in writing and instrumentally, gathering klezmer gigs and songwriting awards.
 18. Night Sun - Summer Songs
One Moment of Grace - Borealis

19.  Night Sun - Pass the Hummus
Home -

 22. Night Sun - Carried
Home -

This man in intelligent, large and funny.  Damn, is there one instrument he can’t play? Well?
22. Joel Mabus - Chairman of the Board
Rhyme Schemes - Fossil Records

23. Joel Mabus - Do Dah Ditty
Rhyme Schemes - Fossil Records

24. Joel Mabus - Struttin' to Tootsie's
Thumb Thump - Fossil Records

Terry has a soft southern vocal, very slight and writes among the best. She’s underplayed as a great writer and singer.
25. Terry Allard - Lifeline
Loose Change and Spare Parts - Reckless Abandon

26. Terry Allard - (w. Mary C. Carpenter) Anna Carolyn
Makes No Sense - Reckless Abandon

27. Terry Allard - Your Love is Addictive
Rough Lines -

Two great writers and instrumentalists who had a full career before joining forces to delight.

28. Cindy Mangsen/Steve Gillette - (Dicks/Rudge) Right Said Fred
Light Of the Day - Compass Rose Music

28. Cindy Mangsen/Steve Gillette - Traveler
Sense of Place - Redwing

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