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The last time I was here live, (taped last week's show and left for Mexico) I had many many calls from people digging the old 60's tunes, singing along through the phone even. (The Mighty Wind is getting lots of press.) I got thinking about nostalgia, and I began gathering songs about looking back and remembering "when".

1. Rodney Crowell - (with .J.Cash)- I Walk The Line
The Houston Kid - Sugar Hill Records
"I'm back on board that '49 Ford in 1956"
Singing about the first time he heard Johnny Cash, unaware of course, at the time, that Cash would become his father-in-law.

2. Annie Gallup - John Llewellyn
Backbone - Prime CD
"That sweet and salty summer I thought would last forever"

3. Kat Eggleston - Home
Second Nature - Waterbug
"the kitchen table was level with your chin"

4. Gordon Lightfoot - Sit Down Young Stranger
If You Could Read My Mind - Reprise
"tell us where you've been"

5. David Mallett - You Can't Go Home Again
Ambition - Flying Fish
"Theres an old hand-tinted photograph"

6. David Wilcox - You Should See the Way It Feels
East Ashville Hardware -
Singing about seeing the familiar driveway where he road his bike.

7. Ellis Paul - Eighteen
Speed of Trees - Philo
"We're outside my reuinion hall"

8. Ellis Paul - 17 Septembers
Sweet Mistakes - "demo"
Comparing two lives 17 years apart, both at the car dashboard.

Ellis called the station. We talked about his penchant for the vagabond, traveller. He spoke about his upcoming Rounder release of covers with his pal Vance Gilbert. He spoke about singing at the Rhineman auditorium last February at a Woody Guthrie tribute, writing about the last two songs and his upcoming gig at Bodles tomorrow night.

9. James Keelaghan - River Run
My Skies - Green Linnet
"that rivers not running as fast as it did...that river and I have grown old"

10. Carol Elliott - VT & Me
The People I Meet -
"We went to different colleges and drifted apart"

11. Richard Berman - Brooklyn Summer 1966
Dreamer - Aries Records
"I'm home from college its my first night"

12. Waifs - Since I've Been Around
Up All Night - Compass Records
"it almost feels as though I never left this town"

13. David Francey - Belgrade Train
Skating Rink -
memories of an old trip and an old love

14. Bonnie O'Donnell - Path To Heaven
You Come Walking In -
"I try to stop and remember what he said to the child I was then long ago"

15. Eve Goldberg - (DeMent) Mama's Opry
Crossing the Water - Borealis
about moms bringing music into lives

16. Cosy Sheridan - George and his 88 Keys
Grand Design - BWE Music
Grandads musical influences

17. Bett Padgett - My Father's Saxophone
More than Time - Ceilidhe's Music
dad's musical infulences

18. Dana Cooke - Oughta be a Law
County Fair - Spike Records
"either it got smaller, or I got bigger" remembering Oneonta New York

19.  Carla Ulbrich - Teachers of Celmpson
Professional Smart Aleck -
...remembering childhood teachers...her typing teacher taught US History.

20. Frank Christian - (Gorney, Harburg) Brother Can You Spare  A Dime?
From My Hands - Palmetto
"Once I built a railroad, Now it's done"

21. Deborah Holland - (Dubin/Warren) Remember My Forgotten Man
Songs From the Great Depression - Gadfly
"You shouted hip hooray, but look at him today"

22. Gordon Bok - Astoria's Bar
Herrings in the Bay -
"and the river still shines and shimmers in the light as it did in our grandfather's day"

23. Stan Rogers - Make and Break Harbour
Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove Music
"Its so hard not to think of before the big war when the cod went so cheap but so plenty"

24. David Francey - Torn Screen Door
Torn Screen Door -
"It used to be someone's home"

25. Mark Elliott - She Rode Horses
My Great Escape -
"I don't know when I lost her"

26. Garnet Rogers - Firefly
Firefly - Snow Goose Songs
"She changed his life forever as she quietly said yes"

27. Eric Andersen  -  Before Everything Changed
Beat Avenue -  Appleseed
"I'll never see these times again"

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