The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday May 10, 2003

Mothers sing and are sung about.
Ok I succumbed to the capatialistic relocation of honoring such an amazing entity of selflessness and unconditional loving as a mother to a single day.

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1. Nancy White - Children's Entertainer
    Omnipotent -

2. Robin Williams - The day Dad Made Toast
     Free To Be...A Family -,3699,2378870,00.html
    Kids clap for dad, then realize mom who makes meals everyday & they never clap.

3. Tina DeVaron - I Still Breathe
     If Mama Ain't Happy - IMAH Records
     "I am the arms they run to, the place they lay thier and warm"

4. Vicky Harris - Baby Blue
     Touch -
     "Ill rock him in my heart, this man in front of me"

5. Mae Robertson - (Staines) First Lullaby
    All Through the Night -
    "le ciel et dans les yeux"

6. NIght Sun - Babe
    One Moment of Grace - Borealis
    "I'm the one who mends the broken pieces..cut myself on jagged bits of pieces"

7. Pat Humphries - I'll be there
    Hands - Appleseed
    "Its my job" "you can always come home and find sanctuary here"

8. Bird SIsters - Carly's Song
    Different Stories-
   "We walk, I feel her tiny hand"

9.  Nancy White - Child on Board
     Momnipotent -

10. Nancy White -  - Schabbas Goy C'est Moid
      Stickers on Fruit - Borealis

11. The Smother's Brothers - Mom Always Like You Best
       Mom Always Like You Best - Mercury Records
      "Sure she liked me best, why not?"

12. Wiggins Sisters - Angel Girl
     The Wiggins Sisters -
     "She's just a baby too... a victum of circumstance"

13. Sirens - (D. Crieghton) Rocking
      Smilin' - Borealis
      "When you were upon my knee and I was just 19"

14.  Sirens - (N Galligan) Em's Song
      Smilin' -
      About losing a mother to  Alzheimer's.

15. Diana Sands - Grandma
       Marlo Thomas and Friends Free to Be..You and Me.
      Delilah Bush tries to get along with her grandma

16. Nancy White - Monipotent
      "The other mother's are the real mothers"

17.  Lullabies - Cosy Sheridan
      Quetly Led -
     "My mother's hands put four young heads to sleep night after night"

18. Heidi Muller - Mama You're Always There
      Gypsy Wind -
      "be the lover and the sage"

19. Claudia Schmidt, Sally Rogers - Mama I Miss You Tonight
      Closing the Distance -  salrog@neca.
      "you raised a strong one, just ask any man"

20. John McCutcheon - One in a Million
      Greatest Story Never Told - Red House
      "I still feel her there"  Marching for his mother in a million mom march.

21. Tina DeVaron - If Mama Ain't Happy
       (a version of this song was performed at the Million Mom March 2000)
       If Mama Ain't Happy - IMAH Records
       "I cant disconnect my kids. like you can unplug the phone"

22.  Debi Smith -  My Mother's Hands
       More Than Once - Shanachie Records,
       "though I have a daughter's choice

23. Chennille Sisters - Help, I'm Turning Into My Parents
     True to Life - Red House
      "I like my folks a lot, that doesn't mean I want to be them"

24. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - (N. White) Daughters of Feminists
      Parent's Home Companion -
      "beg to wear lipstick everyday from the age of do they get so girly?"

25. Sons of the Never Wrong ( -  Girl Shanty
       Consequences of Speech - Waterbug
      "I'm a girl and you're a girl, your mom's a girl...."

26. Susan Aglukark -  Mama's Prayers
        Arctic Rose  -  EMI Music Canada  (
       "I know you love my family as much as I do"

27.  The Strong in Spirit - Hugh Blumenfeld
      The Strong in Spirit - 1 800 PRIMECD
       Hugh's mother asked that he write her a song when they both knew she was dying.

28. Annie Gallup - Blue Dress
      Courage My Love - Prime CD
      "It fits me now exactly like it fit you"

29. Lucy Kaplanski - Song For Molly
      Every Single Day - Red House
     "her only granddaughter"

30. Eileen McGann - Flower of Northumberland
      Turm it Around - /
      Where my mom gave birth to me. And since my mom was listening to the stream, I played this for her.

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