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Folk Plus May 31, 2003 Stan Rogers/FCC Regulations & What Part of Free Speech Don't YOu Understand /
Van Ronk & NJ / Schools Ending and teasers for next week's show

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Stan Rogers died 20 years ago tomorrow. He was flying home to Canada  from Texas on a plane that put down in Ohio. He died on board in a plane fire. His music was/is timeless.

1. Stan Rogers - Harris and the Mare

Here is the introduction he gave for  "Delivery Delayed" when he played the the Side Track Cafe coffee house in Oneonta New York, which I was running at the time.

Stan (January 1978):
"There is a big difference between song lyrics and poetry..." he begins. "as a song writer I've been aware that I shouldn't write poetry and attempt to set to music for it generally doesn't work, but this is about as closest I've ever come to poetry.
I call it Delivery Delayed. It stems from the belief that we are born more than once. I dont mean reincarnation or anything like that, but the simple fact that from the moment we are born of our mothers until some future time, it might be at 16 or 80, but sometime during your life you'll find yourself being born again. It will have nothing to do with God or religion or anything. You will simply wake up the fact that you're not alone and that the moment you stretch out your hand there will be another human being there to take it, for that's what being a human being is"

2. Stan Rogers - Delivery Delayed
"How early is beginning, from when is there a soul?"
"Do we discover living, or somehow are we told?"
"We're given breath and it takes our breath away..."

There are many votes this coming week: School budgets and for media regulations.

A 1996 law requires the FCC to periodically review ownership rules in light of industry changes. FCC chairman Michael Powell is pushing an accelerated deregulation of media which will allow an unprecedented consolidation of media ownership into the hands of even fewer corporations. His new rules are due to be voted on June 2nd.
FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein says that "The pricipal victim here may be our democracy"
Comments below on the FCC upcoming vote on June 2nd are from

3. John McCutcheon - (Didn't Make) the List
Clear Channell has made a list for djs "160 songs to not hear on your radio..."
"Louis Armstrong, Elvis, Peter Paul and Mary, 'Peace Train' " McCutcheon laments not making the list, 25 recordings they can't find one lousy song..."what do I have to do, to make the grade and not get played like Sinatra and U2?"

4. Dixie Chicks - Ready to Run
Home -  Columbia
A listener called to say that on June 7th there is a "buy a Dixie Chicks Albumathon" planned to support free speach by entertainers and American Citizens. "Let's put them on top of the charts" the caller said.

FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein  addressed The Media Institute on May 20.
"Ben Bagdikian, former dean of the School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, spoke before a packed audience at San Francisco’s City Hall. In 1983, when the first edition of his book The Media Monopoly was released, he wrote that, “50 corporations dominated most of every mass medium.” The number then dropped with each new edition – to 29 firms in 1987, 23 in 1990, 14 in 1992 down to 10 in 1997. The 2000 edition found that just six conglomerates were supplying most of America’s media. "

5. Trevor Mills - Military Governmental Contract   4.01
Karoake Cowboy Top Quark Productions
"they can watch anytime whatever shows I wish"

6. Eileen McGann - Too Stupid for Democracy
Journeys - Dragonwing Music

Critics of efforts to overhaul the ownership rules say that weakened government restrictions will lead to more mergers and even fewer companies controlling what people read, hear and watch. Clear Channell controls over 1,600 radio stations.  June 2nds changes in policy may allow far more media control than they already enjoy.
No room for variety. One Size fits all.

7. Live Ax - One Size Fits All
Babes With Axes -
"There aint no such thing as one size fits all"

8. James Gordon - Eulogy -
A template eulogy

9. Davinci's Notebook - Title of the Song - Life and TImes of Mike Fanning
A template song

Five guys will decide June 2nd on our media regulations defining who can tell us what.

10. Joe Jencks - You Don't Have the Right
I Hear Your Voice -
"If theres a law thats in your way, you just strike it down"
"You make our speach a crime so you can put us all in jail"
"You don't have the right to take our voices from us"

 FCC Chair, (Colin Powell's son) Michael Powell said that because of the growing dominance of cable and satellite TV subscription services, changes are needed to give free over-the-air television "the fighting chance it needs and deserves to respond and survive." He said over-the-air broadcasts provide a valuable public service.

The owners of the four major television networks have asked the FCC to abolish the ownership rules, saying the regulations restrict their ability to grow and stay competitive.  Addressing a rule that prevents a company from owning a broadcast station and a newspaper in the same market, Powell said such combinations may allow media companies
to save money and better serve communities. "It's hard to see how a complete ban on newspapers owning TV stations serves the public  interest," he said.

11. Rod MacDonald -  For the Good of the Country
Recognition -
"For the good of America, forget it, its time to move on"

12. David Rovics - Who Will Tell the People
Living in These Times -
"free speach is a ruse, corporations run the country, and then they make the news.
Is it media or mind control?"

Some comic relief. Live from the Bottom Line May 18, 2003
13. Terry Roche with Frank Christian - (Van Ronk) Garden State Stomp
Live from the Bottom Line "My name is Terry Roche, and this is Frank Christian and we are from New Jersey... I'm wearing my high school Park Ridge Owls T shirt."
Frank: "And Im wearing my St. Benedicts Prep underwear."
Terry shared that Dave said "Don't ever be afraid to flop" she reminded him that he has said that as she looked up and began his Jesey State Stomp lyrics....
"Whippany, Parsippany...."

Teasers for next week's show: Sing Out summer 2003 Highlights...

14. Michael McNevin -  Sketch
In the Rough -
"better than a TV set"

15. Waifs - Lighthouse
Up All NIght -  Compass
"great harmonies, great articulation"
"released in January and has gone Folk already"

16. Melissa Javors - You're Like a Lighthouse
Crazy Wisdom - Chrome
"soothes and educations with songs centering on adult acceptances, celebration and coping.

17. Tim Grimm - Browning Mountain
Coyote's Dream - Vault
"a film actor and gentleman farmer"

18. Tom Russell - Carl Brouse American Hotel
Modern Art - Hightone

19. Beppe Gambetta - Under The Double Eagle
Blu Di Genova - Gadfly

For School life:

20. David Francey - Broken Glass
Skating Rink - Laker Music
(high school tensions)

21. Norbury & FInch - Numbers
Tease For Two - self
(tests and pressure and numbers)

22. The Ashley Gang - Parent's Lament
East Bound Train -
(trusting your kids, with cars, with life decisions)

23. Red Grammer - Flight
Soul Man - Red Note Records
(for parents facing their children going off to college this summer)

24. David Wilcox - Last One Gone
Into the Mystery - What Are Records

25. Stan Rogers - Lies
Home In Halifax - Fogarty's Cove

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