The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday June 7, 2003
Sing Out Summer 2003

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The following 20 songs are on the v.47#2 CD which comes exclusive for Sing Out members. The songs after that are from CDs reviewed in the Summer 2003 issue.

1. Sharon Katz - Sanalwami

2. Carol Lynn Maillard - Tje Women Gather

3.  Sara Thomsen - Is it for Freedom?

4. Steve Earle - Jerusalem

5.  Pete Morton - The Two Brothers

6.  Tom Paxton - Peace Will COme

7. Mangus Stinnerbom - Saivo

8. Joyce Andersen - Strange Elation

9.  Martha Trachtenberg - It's About Time

10.  Judge Bouche

11.  Rod MacDonald - 137 Executions

12. Mafia LEggie D'onure

13.  Rhonda Vincent -  One Step Ahead of the Blues

14.  Rhonda Vincent   - Cry of the Whippoorwill

15.  Time O'Brien - Turning Around

16.  Stan Rogers - Morthwest Passage

17. Enoch Kent - I'm a Workin' Chap

18. Alvin Youngblood Hart - Tallacatcha

19.  Peter Siegel - My  Commentary on Saving Private Ryan

20.  Jane Sapp - We've all Got Stories
and now snippets of the CD reviews from Sing Out's Summer 2003 issue:

21. Mustard's Retreat - Michigan Mosquitoes
A Revolution of Something -
"a hilarious tall tale set to music"

22. Laurie McClain - Eyes of a Painter 505
Trumpet Vine- Kindred Voices Music
"a thoroughly professional tribute album:warm and rich...authentic"

23. Tim Harrison - Home Boys
Wheatfield with Crows - Second Ave Songs
"the moods tend more towards dark"
"impeccable, crisp, simple production"

24. Dana Robinson - Safe Home
Avenue of the Saints -Threshold Music
"Plays guitar fiddle mandolin and banjo..usually with a quiet tone and quick bouncy beat"

25. Dar Williams - I Saw A Bird Fly Away
Beauty of the rain - Razor & Tie
she has moved on to "increasingly complex arrangements"

26. Michael McNevin - Early Bird
In The Rough -
"soft sell vocals and catchy guitar picking."
"enjoyment of mildking life's moments"

27. Tom Pacheco - Indian Prayer
There Was A Time - Appleseed
"tasteful arrangements and superior musical support"

28.  Amy Fradon - (Ochs)  What's That I Hear 2.44
Small Town News - Leo Rising Records
"Amy has a pair of leather lundgs enabling her to belt out a song like few other singers."

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