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Saturday July 12,2003


Fund Drive: Driving Tunes
Lots of fund driving talk and callers took up cd time, so Part Two of driving tunes will air next week, along with in station guest: singer/songwriter Victoria Parks.

1. All About Buford - Supercar
Supercar -
2 door hatchback red honda

2. Greg Trifidlo - Stuck Behind Buford
Old Dog New Tracks - Kira Records
"I'd have been here about an hour ago, but I got stuck behind Buford"

3. Cosy Sheridan - RoadFood
Saturn Return - Waterbug
Food on the road

4. James Gordon - Road Kill Hat
Road Kill Hat - Pipe Street Records
Road Kill

5. Berrymans - An Hour Away
House Concert - Cornbelt records

6. Dave Carter/ Tracy Grammer - HIghway 80
Drum Hat Buddha - Signature Sounds

7. Anne Hills - Follow that Road
(Christine Lavin Presents) Follow that Road - Philo

8. Richard Shindell - Next Best Western
Reunion Hill - Shanachie

At noon, Christine Lavin did NOON station break. Played
Christine Lavin back stage at the Towne Crier giving listeners an idea of how they can change their
behavior and save money to give to their local radio stage. Take your coloring money and join WJFF.

9. Christine Lavin - Make friends with your grey hair
I was in Love WIth a Difficult Man - Redwing Music

10. Sons of the Never Wrong - Dead on the Highway
3 Good Reasons - Waterbug

11. Beach Boys - LIttle Deuce Coup
Good TImin: Live at Knebworth England 1980

12. Trout Fishing - Baby's Got the Car Keys
My World -

13. Kitty Donohoe - No One on this Road Tonight
No One on this Road Tonight - Roheen Records

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