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Saturday July 19,2003

In Studio Guest: Singer/Songwriter Victoria Parks

Began with Victoria Parks who will be arriving in the last half of Folk Plus. This song was dedicated to Joe Bray, and his family, who are gathered here in Sullivan County. He is a 87 year old native gaelic speaker and history teacher.

1. Victoria Parks - Song for Baltaine
Wild English Rose - Wild Mane Music

And now Part two of Driving/Car songs.
2. Larry Daggett, Brian Stokes Mitchell & Ragtime Ensemble  -  Henry Ford
Ragtime - RCS Victor
"Every worker a cog in motion, thats the notion of Henry Ford"

3. Rochester University Yellow Jackets - Damn This Traffic Jam
YellaCapella -

4. Capital Steps - God Bless My SUV
"What would Gandhi drive?"

5. Greg Brown - Speed Trap Boogie
Fast Folk Musical Magazine December 1985

6. Cosy Sheridan - Urban Assalt Vehicle
Anthymn - WInd River

7. Susan Werner - Big Car
New Non-Fiction -

8. Trout Fishing in America - Are We There Yet?
Infinity -

9. RIchard Shindell - Kenwood Of My Dreams
Treestar Review : Alive at Night -  BCN Records

10. David Wilcox - Rusty Old American Dream
How Did You FInd Me Here - A & M

11. Andy & Denise - Big Wheel
Go -

12. Arlo Guthrie - 66 Highway BLues
Songs of Pete Seeger - Appleseed
"Going down that road with trouble on my mind"

13. Dave Van Ronk - Jersey State Stomp
Fast Folk Musical Magazine February 1982
All the lyrics are towns in New Jersey

14. Devonsquare - Straightaway
Highway 66 - Atlantic
Wishing for a straightaway to get away

15. Bobs- Kill Your Television
Plugged - Rounder
Bumper Stickers

16. Chuck Brodsky - Blow 'Em Away
Fingerpainter's Murals - Waterbug
Road Rage

17. Fred Eaglesmith - Pontiac
Lipstick Lies and Gasoline - Razor & Tie

18. Rochester University Yellow Jackets - Baby You Can Drive My Car
I Can't Believe Its Not Yellow -
The Beatles HIt

19. Kathy Johnson - Ride in the Country
Small Town Girl - Singing Bridge Music
"I like to head out to the hills and drive around"

20. Joe Jencks - Auto Mechanically Declined
Some Kind of Brother - Turtle Bear Music
He can only lift the hood and stare.

21. Eddie From Ohio- No Left Turns in Jersey
Big Noise - Virginia Soul
"Driving a big Ford"

22. John Forster - Entering Marion
Entering Marion -  Philo
Entering Marion after tramping all over the state.

23. Moxy Fruvous - Get in the Car
A New Frontier - Bottom Line Records
"I'm all right, look what I'm driving"

24. Kristina Olsen - The Man with the Bright Red Car
All Over Down Under - Take A Break
"He learned to drive at age forty five"

25. James Keelaghan - Somewhere Ahead
Small Rebellions - self
"When the tires bite the gravel and travelling's through"

26. Heidi Muller - Good Road
Matters of the Heart - Cascadia Music
"May your wheels always turn"

27. Garnet Rogers - Night Drive
Night Drive - Snow Goose
""I saw you behind the wheel on this very road I'm taking"

28. Victoria Parks - Sure Feels Like Home
Sure Feels Like Home - Amerisound

29. Victoria Parks Live - Love Croaks
Star crossed romance

30.  Victoria Parks Live - Dear Sister
Life between two letters from one sister in Maine to another in England (in 1774)
covered 13 children and two wars.

31.  Victoria Parks - Song for Ostara
Wild English Rose - Wild Mane Music

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