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Folk Plus airs Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on WJFF following NPR's Car Talk.

Sonja Hedlund usually hosts Ballads and Banjoes from 6 am to 8 am on Saturdays. Today we swapped time slots so that I could attend services for Liberty resident Joseph Bray.
Joe was born in 1915 in Limerick. He taught gaelic and history at Orange and Sullivan COmmunity Colleges. He appreared on WJFF several times giving historical signifance to last names of callers, speaking of Irish History or singing with Malachy Mccourt on air.

6 am:
1. Mike & Mary Rafferty - Down the Back Lane/O'Shaugnessy's
Dangerous Reel - Kells Music

2. Mike & Mary Rafferty  - Fanny Powers/ Shores of Loughre/Jack Coughlan's
Fancy - Dangerous Reel - Kells Music

3. Mike & Mary Rafferty - Rick's/Byrne's
Dangerous Reel - Kells Music

4. Clannad -Mo Mhaire
Dulamaan - Shanachie

5.  Sirens - Anachy
Live at the Ugly Mug Cafe -

I'm not use to the early shift, some coffee songs were in order:
6.  Pierce Pettis - Nod Over Coffee
Chasing the Buffalo - High Street Rec.

7. Trout Fishing in America - Proper Cup of Coffee
Mine - Trout Records

8.  John Gorka - Caffeine
After Yesterday - Red House

9.  P Herdamn, A. Hills, C. Mangsen - Frozen Logger/Cup of Coffee
Voices of Winter - Gadfly

This time slot "Ballads and Banjoes" called for some banjoe tunes:
10.  Jennifer Noxon - Nothing More
Sweet -

11.  Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle- Let Your Banjo Ring
All Under the Sun - Flying Fish

12. Still on the Hill - The Cuckoo
Still - Pingleblobber

13.  Susan Ellenton - Camp is the Place
Secret of my Happiness

"Camp" was filmed here locally, and will be coming to the Liberty Theatre
next Thursday. Many locals were extras in the movie. The youngsters in the
movie have raw talent and were never before in a film. This is timely
considering the new fascination with American Idol and reality shows.

14. Tiffany Taylor - Here's Who I am
Camp - (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

15. Daniel Letterle - I Sing For You
Camp - (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

16.  Triona Ni Dhomhnaill - Shil Me Fein
Tiona Ni Dhomhnaill - Green Linnet

17.  Full Frontal Folk (Morton) Another Train
Storming the Castle -

7- 8 am
18.  Laura Smith - My Bonnie
B'tween the Earth and My Soul -CornerMuse Rec.

19.  Aengus Finnan - O'Shaughnessy's Lament
North Wind - Borealis

20.  Clannad - Eleanor Plunkett
Clannad 2 - Shanachie

21.  Joe Bray - memories of learning gaelic
I swithced shows today with Sonja Hedlund. I hosted Ballads and
Banjoes and she hosted Folk Plus, so that I could attend services for Joe
Bray, born in 1915 in Limerick. He was a native gaelic speaker who was on
WJFF several times speaking of Irish History and the gaelic language. Joe
speaks about learning gaelic from his grandfather at a time not even
teachers were able to speak it.

22.  Sting/Chieftans - Mo Ghile Mear
Long Black Veil - BMG Music

23.  Clannad - Mhaire Bruineall
Clannad in COncert - Shanachie

24.  Steve Gillette/ Cindy Mangsen - (Kallet)
Tide and the River Rising - Sense of Place - Redwing

25.  Priscilla Herdman - Wild Wind
Road Home - Redwing

26.  David Francey - Wind in the Wires
Torn Screen Door - self

27.  James Gordon - One in Five
One In Five - Pipe St. Records

28.  Berrymans - Bird Bird Bird
The Pink One - Cornbelt Records

29.  Jacki Tice - Marijo Tonight
Blue Coyote - Saja Music

30.  Kitty Donohoe - An Meid Raite
This Road Tonight - Roheen Rec.

31. Garnet Rogers - All That Is
All That Is - Red House

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