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   Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday August 23, 2003

Theme: My mom would love this show. My mom is half way through her 80th year and more full of energy than me in my 40's. She is visiting today and I planned a show representing some of the songs I know she likes and some that focused on tea, gardening and those that portrayed her childhood of Northern England, coal mining and being a war bride.

First two songs from a group near her home town of Barnsley England.

1. Artisan - Do You Remember
Our Back yard -

2. Artisan - Hold On To Your Dreams
Our Back Yard-

3. Aengus Finnan - War Bride's Waltz
Fool's Gold - Shelter Valley Productions

4. Nancy White - Love in Wartime
Stickers on Fruit - Borealis

5. Cosy Sheridan - George and his 88 Keys
Grand Design - Bonneville Worldwide

6. Kingston Trio - They Call the Wind Mariah
From the Hungry I - Captial

7.  Gordon Lightfoot - Approaching Lavender
If You Could Read My Mind - Reprise

8. Bobby Darin - Splish Splash
1958 Rock and Roll - Time Life Music

9. Little Anthony - Tears on my Pillow
1958 Rock and Roll - Time Life Music

10. Bobby Day - Rock In Robin
1958 Rock and Roll - Time Life Music

My mom's family seems to be gifted with a 6th sense.
Here is a mini set addressing just some of the unknown.
Don appeared with this song on John Edward, my mom was watching.

11. Don Conoscenti - The Other Side
Paradox of Grace - Cogtone

12. Suzanne McDermott - Roswell Incident
Ephemera - Roseman Red Records

13. Mike Breen - Past Lives
Past Lives - Basilborne Records

14. Herdman, Hills, Mangsen - Black Burning Air
Voices - Flying Fish

15. Kingston Trio - (J Steiner. B Hawes) MTA
Kingston Trio  - Vangaurd

16.  David Mallett - Garden Song
Parellel Lives - Flying Fish

17. Annie Gallup - Grandma's Best China
Cause and Effect - Prime CD

18. Zoe Lewis - When the Developers Came to Tea
Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone - self

19. Steve Gillette / Cindy Mangsen -
(Dicks-Rudge) Right Says Fred
Light of the Day - Compass

20. Hot Soup - (Mabus) Duct Tape Blues
Hot Soup! - self

21.  Night Sun - Lost Seconds
One Moment of Grace - Borealis

22. David Roth - I Have Learned
Irreconcilable Similarities - Wind River

23. Kevin Briody - Walnuts and Rice
Familiar - Tune-Me-Music -

24. Victoria Parks - Caroline of Edinboro Town
Wild English Rose - Wild Mare Music

25. Debra Cohen - Rose You Wore for Me
Banks of Green Willow -

26. Agranoff - (Adam McNaughton)Hamlet
The Modern Folk Musician -

27. Chad Mithcell Trio - James James Morrison Morrison
Live at the Bitter End - Folk Era

28.  David Francey - Skating Rink
Skating Rink - Laker Music

29. Christine Lavin - You Look Pretty Good for your age
My Inner Bitch -

30 Kate Rusby- Recruited Collier
10 - Compass

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(Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

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